All this talk about gay marriage…

North Carolina became the 31st state in the nation to constitutionally forbid same-sex marriage – prompting some to swear they’ll never go to North Carolina because of what they term as homophobia and denial of civil rights. I am one of these people. It has also been argued that domestic partners – both straight and gay – and their children could lose health benefits under the amendment. If you are a straight couple that has been together for decades — you have zero rights in North Carolina. You can’t even see him/her in the hospital as a family member. People have many reasons for not getting married and the state is making it harder for these people. Everyone should be able to live the life they WANT to live.

Chime in…


  1. This banning marriage equality shit is exactly why I give a chunk of my paycheck to HRC each every month. I’ve done that since 2010, and will until this shit gets sorted out. if homosexuals were easier to identify on sight, this civil rights issue would’ve been settled already. But it’s so much easier to be prejudiced when you can hide behind religion and feigned ignorance. This shit blows me.


    1. And while I’m on the topic, if folks were so genuinely worried about protecting marriage, why not change some laws to make divorce more difficult? Because they’re full of shit, that’s why!


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