Does Embarrassment work?


I saw this on Facebook today. Someone made their child post this to their Instagram.

What do you think?

Too harsh?


  1. I have to admit, I think it’s hilarious. But couldn’t they at least wait until the kid stopped crying to post the picture. It’s very reminiscent of the types of old school punishments I hear about from people with a couple decades on me. Unfortunately, it’s in today’s world, so it’s on the internet.


  2. I know that’s right…embrass their ass for tryna be grown. I think kids shouldn’t be able to be on social networks..


  3. I would hope that this was a last resort. If there were other situations where the parents tried other stuff that didn’t work, then yes you do what you gotta do. If it’s a rare occasion that the kids messes up, maybe a lil harsh. Kid looks pretty young though – if that kid’s drinking a lot already then it’s safe to say she deserved it.


  4. Nah! That’s not harsh at all. The key is making sure the child learns a lesson. If that’s achieved without the child being damaged or hurt…that’s the way to go.


  5. I dont think its too harsh. I have thresten to post a pic of my kids dirty room on their page, if they can not keep it clean. But I would never do it. But a sign thats cool!


    1. I bet your kids know you would never do it. How long before a threat becomes an empty threat? I try to tell my husband we can never threaten things we won’t actually carry out. It applies to his kids (he’s a teacher), and all our our nieces and nephews too.


      1. You are so right and I am now facing that issue now. They start to ignore those threats and don’t take me serious. So now just recently if I say Im not going to do something I don’t and vice versa. I have much better results.


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