How can you do this to your OWN baby?

A Baltimore mother appears to have snapped at the thought of losing her baby to child services permanently when she made a visit to the city’s Department of Social Services last week.

According to police, while 29-year-old Kenisha Thomas was spending time with her daughter, Pretty Diamond, during a supervised visit, she became angry and pulled out a kitchen knife and stabbed the baby five times in the neck and upper body. A social worker who was in the room with her told police that Thomas complained about the girl’s care and said she could do a better job. When the social worker reminded Thomas that her time was almost up, the mother said, “It’s about to be over,” then pulled out the knife and stabbed the 8-month-old girl.

Kenisha Thomas (Baby Stabber)

A few people are said to have rushed into the visitation room. According to police documents, one co-worker attempted to distract Thomas by throwing a chair at her. That same man was bitten in the hand while he tried to restrain her. A third co-worker reportedly found the baby on the floor with the knife in her neck and took her to another room.  Several witnesses said they heard Thomas say she was going to kill the baby and that if she couldn’t have her, no one could.

The infant was taken to Johns Hopkins Children’s Center, where she is in stable condition in the pediatric intensive care unit, and Thomas has been charged with attempted first-degree murder, child abuse, and assault.

While many are questioning how this woman was able to bring a knife on the premises in the first place, Human Resources Secretary Ted Dallas insists all safety protocols were followed on the day of the stabbing.


  1. It’s interesting how so many people are snapping out of their right minds. So many people are literally losing their minds.
    What will we do about that, I wonder.


      1. She lived with her mother and sister, and she was on the road (maybe on something too), and when she returned home, her sister gave one of her children a bath. She flipped and took both children and left the house. She went to a motel and decided to take her life. She said she didn’t want to leave them alone (even though her mother would take care of them), so she decided to take them with her. While she was strangling one boy, he was screaming and fighting for life. then she went to the other. She took a lot of pills in an effort to OD, but that failed. So now she’s in prison.


        1. She is an asshole. I will never ever think this is okay behavior. I know the stress of life can be serious and put that with poverty and children and some people can and will break under the pressure. But, if she cared so much about leaving them alone, she should stay alive and be strong for them


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