Should Ron Artest be penalized?

The video is no longer available. The NBA shut it down folks.

I know this sounds crazy, but I like Metta World Peace (Great Name Change, lol). There has always been something about him…maybe it is his “craziness.” I am not sure. What can I say? I rep NY! (Maybe I should hush) Anyway, Ron Artest clearly has some “issues” going on. Remember when he went into the stands to fight a fan? That was something I had never seen before. I just read he applied for a job at Circuit City for the discount. Now, that is how you save a buck! They even say he has admitted to drinking during halftime. This guy is…you know what…I just realized why I like him. It is because he lives by his own rules. Yes, he should stop it, but it is something about autonomy that is nice.

Well, he may have done one too many things for the league. Watch the video. I don’t know if he did that on purpose. It doesn’t really look that way to me; I am not too sure though.

What do you think?


  1. Yes he should that was no mistake, he knew exactly what he was doing! LOL

    I like him to but he needs to learn to control his anger!


    1. Well, he was suspended for 7 games and stands to lose $348,000. I think he deserves the punishment. He is out of hand. I was watching the video again and even if he didn’t do it on purpose, you he should be penalized for hurting someone like that. That blow to the head was serious.


  2. Ya I watched this video and he does need to be punished for reacting like he did. He is a great athlete but has no self control. There is no logical reason for him to act as violently as he did.


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