Blind Date Series

I am back with another segment of my Blind Date Series. Check out the last one here.

She was a crack-head

I was on the chat line back in the day; I ended up talking to this girl named Lisa. Yes, I still remember her name! I was about 21 and she was 18. Remember, there were no “pics” on the phone chat line. So, you were always taking a chance. We spoke and decided to meet. I decided to go to Queens to meet Ms. Lisa.

I used to smoke weed back then, yea, I know. But, anyway that is what I used to do. She smoked too, so I figured I would just go see her and maybe we would smoke? I had no real plans. I drove to Long Island City after work.  Well, once I get to her neighborhood, I realized she lived in the projects. I didn’t know this earlier and I believe it was Queensbridge.

When I followed my directions, I ended up smack dab in the projects. I was like shit, what if she tries to set me up? I know, I know, but I am just saying. I was a girl in a different neighborhood. When I get in front of her building, I see a girl standing in the street. I was thinking “I wonder if that’s Lisa.” I parked and told her I was down stairs. She told me she would be right down. The girl who was standing outside, walked over to my car. She told me Lisa, was on her way. Ok cool. I  figured she sent her friend down first to see how I looked. Whatever. I know she wasn’t calling her with any complaints, lol. But, it was still weird. I started thinking about getting set up again.

Then, her friend just opened my back door and sat her ass down. I was like damn, she didn’t even ask? I let it go. I waited for Lisa for another 15 minutes. I thought this was rude as hell. She had her friend sitting in my car, while she was still in her apartment. I wasn’t even talking to ol’ girl in the back. I was just keeping my eye on her through the mirror.

Finally, Ms. Lisa brings her ass to the car. She was really skinny. She was also 18, so what did I want? You know? She came in and gave me a hug. She wasn’t ugly. She was a black girl, light-skinned, long hair and very slim. Okay, fine.

I didn’t really have anything planned and I didn’t know where to go around there. So, I decided to just drive around and talk for a few. Remember we smoked right? She came with a blunt already rolled and the plan was to drive to Randall’s Island and smoke a blunt.

We are driving and talking and she lights up her blunt. I thought there was something strange about bringing a blunt already rolled. Who does that? She knew I was driving, so she could have rolled it in the car. That was odd to me. I didn’t like pre-rolled blunts. I want to SEE what you are rolling, you know? Anyway, she starts smoking and passes it to her friend in the back. Yes, the girl was still in the car and was now hanging with us. This whole thing was very strange to me. As they smoked, the smell of her weed was “off.” I couldn’t put  my finger on it right away, but I it didn’t smell right. She passed it to me and I told her, “nah, I’m good.” She said “I thought you smoked?” I told her I did smoke, but I have a “clip” in my ashtray. I lit that up and started smoking it. I figured, they could smoke theirs and I will smoke mine.

That blunt was smelling like “drugs;” I am so serious! I opened up ALL 4 windows and the sun roof. It was NOT summer. It was a chilly night. I did not care. I was NOT about to be locked up in the car. I didn’t know what the hell she was smoking and I was not down. Her friend in the back was smoking her little heart out. Not me. I had that little clip and I was going to smoke it, until I burned my finger tips off. Do people still say clip? You should have seen me trying to make it last. This whole scene was just too crazy.

As we were driving we passed a building. The girl in the back, who was 16, yelled out “that is where I got my abortion.” I was like…what am I doing in this situation?! Lisa said “Oh, you went there?” This was all very “normal” conversation. I was so out of my element. Even if someone did have an abortion, I have never seen anyone share that information, especially with a STRANGER. Mind you this whole encounter wasn’t even the time span of smoking a blunt. I figured, I would drive back to her building and go home, by that time her blunt will be done and this foolery would be over.

Back in the day, we had 2 way pagers. Do you remember these? Haaaa! I had this same one — in blue!How we used to text, lol.Well, she had one too and hers rang in the car. She answered/replied on her pager and I said “oh, I have the same thing.” I was just saying, you know? I didn’t show it to her or anything though. I had had enough and figured I was done with this “blind-date.” I was driving her home in the freezing cold car. Yes, it was F-R-E-E-Z-I-N-G! Remember, I had every damn thing open? They were asking me to close the windows. They were complaining about it being cold. They were trying to put the window up (I put the lock on though). I didn’t care if I turned into a snow man, I was not trying to be stuck in that car without air. They were not too pleased about freezing. That was fine though, it was not prison and they were free to get out. I told them, I was hot and I also didn’t like the windows closed when I smoked. They decided to shut the hell up; they concluded it was freeze or walk. I think they made a smart choice; I would have preferred them walk though. Wouldn’t have been very smart, but whatever.

I pulled up to her building and I was saying my good byes. Then she says “why are you leaving?” What? Girl get the f*** out please and thanks! She figured it was “still early.” Yea, well not for me. I used to work the 3-12 shift and I went to see her after work to begin with. It was after 1 at this point and even though, I didn’t have to wake up early, I was ready to go home. Period.

She jumps out the car and her friend did not get out. I was like, “Damn, did I miss something?” I wasn’t even listening to her, so maybe she said something? I asked her friend, why she wasn’t getting out. She told me, “Lisa said she was going to be right back.” I was like shit! What is up with this girl? She comes back like 10 minutes later, with another pre-rolled blunt. Oh, hell no! Take your f*******crack and go home with that s***!

She said, “I have another blunt, so we can smoke again.” I told her NO, I needed to leave and I thought you said “bye.” Nope, she must  have mumbled “be right back.” I didn’t really care what she said, as long as it was followed by the opening of my car door.

After realizing I was uninterested in smoking her mystery blunt, she started getting an attitude. She was telling me I was cute and she wanted to hang out with me longer. What ever. I didn’t care if she thought I looked like Lisa-Raye, I gotta go! Then her friend asked me to drop her off, to her building. Nope. I didn’t pick her up at her building. I was still thinking about getting robbed too.

I was so happy to get away from them — whew! I told my friends that I thought she was a crack head. They laughed at me. -__- I was dead serious. How could she be a crack-head, she was only 18? I didn’t know and I didn’t know any young crack heads. But, anything was possible right? I didn’t even know what was in her blunt. But, I knew she was on something and her dumbass friend looked clueless. She had this little girl smoking crack and I didn’t care what anyone said!

After that meeting, I had  no intentions on seeing her again. She started stalking my phone. It was nuts. She called and left a few messages the next day, but I just ignored them. Then she left a message cursing me out. I was like WOW! Then she left other messages sounding syrupy sweet. I was like, this girl is nuts. Then she told me (on the voicemail) that I was a fake, lol. I did not in fact have a 2 way pager, my car was NOT mine and I had a weave! The girl was out of her mind. My hair was long and my ponytail was flowing. It was my own hair. My car was new and I had it for a few months. New means used, but it was new to me. It was a  nice car. And the 2 way pager, really? I refused to call her back or respond. I let my friend hear the message and he asked what I did to her?! I didn’t do anything. I didn’t even touch her!

Eventually, she stopped with the crazy messages.

About a year later, I was speaking to another girl from Queens. She told me she lived in Long Island City too. I was like “Oh, NO!’ We spoke a few times and I asked her if she knew a girl named Lisa. She said “crack-head Lisa?” I was like oooooooooooh shoot, I knew it! She described her to the “T.” I asked how she knew she smoked crack. She told me everyone knew; she was buying from the local guys. I asked what about her son (she had a one year old, when I met her) she said her mother had him and she was totally cracked out!

Stay tuned for another segment in the Blind Date Series.


      1. So, dear heart, enlighten those of us who are nosy enough to ask: Just what the hell were you thinking? I was thinking about this again and, of course, retrospect makes things easy but I would have been outta there if I found myself deep in the hood like that and so deep I had to worry about being set up to get jacked! Do you remember where you head was about going there?


        1. Man, I don’t even know, lol. I figured, I would just go meet her and see how she looked. I was not prepared for the rest. The risks we take when we are young — stupid! What if they would have jacked me? She could have called one of her crack-dealers to get me! lol


  1. This was funny…It reminds me of a time when I met this “chick” on aol…I think I was about 16 or 17 and “she” was 20-something. After a few weeks of talking on the phone we decided to meet in atlantic city to “smoke”…I took the bus there and I met her at this mcdonalds . Turns out that it was not a chick..but a cross dressing gay man….(WHAT??? He had a sexy ass feminine voice…Im a sucker for nice voices lol) He told me that he wanted me to come to his house to smoke then “do-it” to him. *Crickets* ….so any sane person would have ran for their dumb ass was intrigued by the whole thing…I was not interested in “doin-it” …but I was confused about why he would dress like a woman, then try to sleep with a woman while pretending to be a woman…why not just be a straight man????? I didnt understand until I was in my 20’s….when I was approached by another gay man at the club…he bought me a drink and asked if I would do him with the “you know what”…and I continued to have this problem up until last summer…now that my hair is a little longer I dont get hit on by gay dudes anymore…

    I really dont know why I do or have done some things.(I may write a book some day)….I didnt know too much about homosexuality…I just knew that I liked girls. anyway back to the cross dresser… I kindly turned down that crazy ass idea of smokin and doin it wild and suggested that we just go take a walk on the boardwalk and talk about sexuality. We ended up at this inlet and smoked. Talked about our future goals..and probably some other “high-type” topics …hugged and went our separate ways…now when I think about it..this dude could have been some crazy ass cross-dressing serial killer….I dont know what I was thinking…guess I thought I was invincible


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