Is she still a lesbian?

I was having a conversation last night and I wanted to let you guys chime in.

If a lesbian has sex with guys regularly, is she a lesbian? Meaning, she F*** him in the a**, but he never penetrates her at all.

Chime in…


  1. Offhand, I’d say she’s bisexual more than lesbian despite the fact that she’s laying the pipe to him. From what I understand, having any kind of sex with a man is, for lesbians, taboo and totally against the “lesbian rules,” although I get the sense that if she was doing him to get pregnant, well, that’s a bit of an exception and is kinda forgivable as long as she doesn’t make getting some dick a “habit.”

    Can it be assumed that even though she’s doing him that he might be going down on her? Methinks this is an important piece of information…


    1. HAHA, you have a great question. I didn’t think about the going down part. Okay, so if there is NO going down, then yes and if he does go down, then NO?


      I would say she is a lesbian, who enjoys the power of conquering a man.

      I know quite a few lesbians who have bent a guy over. I think it is for the fun of it. I think there is something about seeing a guy in that position?


      1. Well, if it’s about the power and rush, I get that… but she’s still having sex with a man in that sense; that he might not be doing anything to her isn’t really relevant… is it? If they’ll bend a guy over just for the fun of it, that would imply a degree of enjoyment in the sexual act with him and, unless I’m dead wrong about lesbians, enjoying any kind of sex with a man is verboten and against the code. Indeed, one of the hallmarks of being a lesbian is having a dislike for sex with men… amongst other things.

        So, no, I wouldn’t say she’s still a lesbian – she’s bisexual in that sense. It doesn’t matter that in the majority of times, she’s having sex with a woman – frequency of action doesn’t weigh into this. Like, even though I don’t have sex with a man more than I do a woman, I’m still bisexual even when I’m banging a woman, right?

        I asked about him going down on her because, well, that’s more evidence of her “crime,” right? Again, he doesn’t have to interact with her like that in order for her lesbianism to be invalidated – but that’s just my opinion and one based on my experience with men who will have sex with other men – but swear to God that they aren’t gay or bisexual.

        In my humble opinion, the lesbian in this situation has taken her “L card” and tossed it out the closest window because at the very least, for her to be porking a guy in the butt indicates a desire to do so and she is having sex with him even if it’s one-way…


  2. There are a lot of women who allow other women to go down on them and yet they still consider themselves str8 since they are not going down on a woman. The sexual spectrum is as wide as there are people so if she says she’s a lesbian then I think she is.


      1. Did she say why she’d be “definitely” still a lesbian? Maybe it’s just me but any lesbian who liked having sex with a man – and porking him with a strap-on is having sex with him – can only still be a lesbian if she doesn’t think she’s anything but – but this is sheer denial because what you think is one thing and what you do is something else… and the two things just don’t jive, in my opinion.

        So how would a lesbian justify this one? Could she justify it? This reminds me of a blog I read about lesbians with children who lie about how they got the kid – and that’s because they know they let some dude handle his business in there… and more than once in some cases.

        Even though some lesbians think this behavior is justifiable, given the high cost of in vitro, they still frown at these women because they had sex with a dude and that’s against the Code… or am I wrong?


        1. I think she thought she was “definitely” still a lesbian because she wasn’t the one being poked. I am not sure a lesbian could justify poking a guy regularly lol. I think she may be able to justify it, if she wanted to try it as a conquer thing. But, regularly…I am assuming most lesbians probably wouldn’t want any parts of it lol.


          1. That would be my assumption as well, which is why I said she’s not really a lesbian if she’s doing this with and to a man. By the way, I learned that when a woman pokes a guy in the butt with a strap-on, it’s called pegging!

            Still, even if she does it to “conquer” him, I’m thinking she still gets her L-card pulled because it’s still sex with a man and there’s just no other way to look at this.


            1. Pegging? Yea? Interesting. That is my thing learned for today.

              Dag, so if this was on her thing to do list, she would lose her card? Ima let her keep it, lol. If this was her way of getting off and routinely looked for guys to “peg” she may have to trade her card in for a “Bi” one lol. This whole thing is so funny to me.


              1. It’s just as funny as it is sad because if she’s still calling herself a lesbian despite what she’s doing, she’s just lying to herself (and probably a lot of other people).


                1. Hmm…I have heard both sides of the argument. What if a guy was gay, but he for what ever reason, poked a girl in the bum? He went back to only poking guys after, what is he?


                  1. Gay men are like lesbians; sex with the opposite sex is pretty much anathema and, also like lesbians, some gay men gave up pussy because it didn’t work for them and some gay men have never had it. So if a gay guy started having any kind of sex with a woman on a regular basis, I’d suggest he turn in his G-card.

                    Doing something once doesn’t prove a whole lot other than maybe being curious or maybe even doing it on a dare; however, if the behavior is repetitive – and it doesn’t matter if he keeps making love with his boyfriend, he ain’t gay – he’s bisexual.


                2. Yes, I do agree that a lot of people lie to themselves and others. That is why I don’t want to date anyone who is dating ANYONE else.I just want to know who are you F*****ing. People will tell themselves anything really. I wrote about something like that before. The title of the post was “Who are you sleeping with.”


  3. Sounds like she has some control issues. LOL… She is still playing the man even when she is with one. Wow.


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