Quick Update

Remember the girl who blocked me on Facebook?

She sent me a message today:

Crazy: Did you delete me?

Me: -__-

Me: I guess you unblocked me. I am not sure why you blocked me to begin with…but okay.

Crazy: I guess I was unsure on how to approach you. I didn’t want to be disrespectful so I cooled off. But u straight up deleted me.

Me: No, I did not. You blocked me and I think that automatically takes me off. When you block someone, you can not see them on your list to even delete them.

Crazy: Oh ok…r u gonna add me again?

Me: No

Crazy: Ok



  1. Lmao@you listing her as “crazy”!

    I definitely remember meeting lots of sane women in NY.. I think you’re just going to find a lot of problematic women online. Have you tried clubs? And not just night clubs but book clubs, bike clubs, roller skating clubs, etc.?


    1. Yes, I need to get out more. The weather is breaking, so I intend on doing some spring time stuff. I want to go to all sorts of events, festivals and lgbt social events.

      I even intend on hitting up some lesbian mom activities, why not, right? I am actually excited about spring/summer. I have been enjoying the weather lately.


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