She doesn’t want to be my friend anymore…

…oh well.

I have been talking to this girl on Facebook. We were both in the same Lesbian “group” page. She seemed nice enough — for general conversation. As we  spoke a little more (like another day) I learned she was in a relationship. She offered her phone number and I did not use it. What was I using it to do? She asked me why I didn’t use the number after a while and I told her I didn’t see the point in calling her, because I like Facebook. Lol. She was in a relationship —  I am just saying.

We have been FB friends for like 3 weeks and she blocked me today. She is in a 9 year relationship with a man. They have 2 children together and they are also raising his grandchildren for the last 8 years. He is 20 years her senior.  She is DYING to have sex or anything with a woman. She had a girlfriend back when she was a teen (like 14) and her mother flipped out. She never had sex with the girl. Her mother sent her to church and did not approve of the gay lifestyle. Her mother is now in a relationship with a woman. Anyway, she has suppressed her feelings for women for a long time.

She is now ready to get out into the world and find herself a woman. I was asking her how her man felt about this whole thing. She told me he was aware of her feelings and was cool with her getting it out of her system. I say getting it out of her system, because he doesn’t seem threatened by her feelings. I was curious about how she saw this whole thing playing out. She would just meet a woman for sex? Would she leave her man? I was just curious for curious sake. It was giving myself something more than work to do — at work. I was telling her she should think about what she is doing. She has to be ready to change the dynamic of her relationship. I was just giving her advice and being an ear. I was not interested in putting myself in this situation. I do not date people in relationships — period. And her situation was just above and beyond anything — I would sign up for.

She wasn’t feeling that I wasn’t up for this offer. She asked if I wanted to go to the movies — nope. She asked why we couldn’t talk outside of work. I told her, I was cool with talking while at work. When I leave work, I have other things to do. I am pretty busy and I don’t feel like wasting my time sitting on the phone. What would be the point?

She was asking what day would be good for the movies. She said..Monday…Tuesday…Wednesday…? I told her I don’t have any intentions in making time for a date. She asked for suggestions for meeting women. I didn’t have any suggestions, but I told her she has to find a woman who is cool with her situation. She was telling me all the sexual things she wanted to do with a woman. She thought I was shy and or submissive. I am not: I wasn’t interested.  I do talk “dirty” but it is with women I am already sleeping with. What was the point in me talking in a sexual manner with this woman? No point. I told her this much and she thought “well damn.” Don’t think I was mean, I was really nice. I was just not acting like this was more than FB chatting.

She was very sexual with her conversations. I mean very. It seems like the first lesbian to hang out with her — is going to get jumped. All of that is fine, but it won’t be me. I mean, maybe she could have given me some head? Lmao! I kid, I kid.

Well, she met another woman! The woman is down with the sex too! Woop-woop for her, right? Not so much. The woman did not want to chit-chat on the internet or anywhere for that matter. The woman just wanted the sex — she was offering. Now, she didn’t know what to do. She asked for my advice. I told her, I didn’t see the problem. She wanted a sexual experience and that is what was on the table. She wanted more than just the sex now. She wanted to talk too. I didn’t know what to tell her about the situation. She said, she had great conversation with me and that is what she wanted with the other girl. Sorry, jack!

Today she hits me up to ask again, when we would going to the movies. I told her I did not think we would have a movie night — again. She apologized for being pushy. I told her it was fine, but I dot not like to say “yes” to something, unless, I knew I was going to do it. Then she blocked me. Did I say something wrong? Geez…women. lol


  1. This is crazy. I wonder what made her be aggressive after suppressing herself for so long. I had a similar situation (before Facebook) with a guy who wouldn’t stop IM-ing me. Good job standing firm and not sending mixed signals. I just wrote a post about how nice it is when men don’t send mixed signals. She’ll prolly remember you one day and be grateful that you kept it honest because a lot of folks don’t.


  2. blessing in disguise??????you probably don’t need someone like that that in your life Facebook friend or not, didn’t know woman got down like that as well, I thought the ‘just for sex’ was reserved for assholes dudes?????


  3. If a woman told me she was in a relationship with a man I’d run like hell. Lol If she’s just looking for sex then she’ll probably end-up on craigslist. There ae a lot of ‘curious’ women on craigslist.

    Anyway it sounds like you handled her just fine.


  4. Can’t knock her for being bold with the game. She let you know what she wanted, you weren’t into it and she moved on. I just don’t like her trying to play the “friend” role. She definately doesn’t want to be your friend. Guys try to do the same thing.


    1. Friend? Nah, she was NOT trying to be a friend. She was talking about, we could just go to the movies, talk on the phone, hang out. She would love to just cuddle with a woman. I couldn’t see the point in any of it.


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