Les Brooklynite: Dream Crusher

I don’t teach my kids about Santa or The Easter Bunny and those types of things. It just never occurred to me to do so. They learn about these things at school. My daughter asked me, “why did they put that picture of the man in the red clothes on their door?” LOL, I said “I don’t know, I guess they like the picture. Then she came back a few days later and said “Mommy, I know who the man is.” She told me his name was Santa and he gives the kid’s gifts. We saw “Santa” at a Christmas party and I told her “just wave.” I won’t let them sit on the laps of people in costumes. They were cool with the wave. Then she said, “I told you mommy, he gave all the kid’s gifts.” I said “No, the people who invited us, gave us gifts and it was very nice of them to do so.” She said “So, why is Santa here then?” I said, people like him to come around at Christmas time, because it is fun, but he doesn’t actually give anyone anything.”

Now, my daughter is onto the Tooth Fairy. She has been DYING for her to teeth to fall out. Some kids in her class/school have lost teeth already. I wasn’t even thinking about her losing her teeth yet.  She has told me her teeth are “little” and she is going to get big teeth; she can NOT wait for these BIG teeth. I asked her “why would anyone want BIG teeth?” She laughed at me.

I have never known a child to want their teeth to fall out. She has told me about the nurse putting the teeth into something and hanging it around their neck; so they can bring it home. I think that is a nice idea. I am actually glad, she won’t be sad about her teeth falling out. I thought I was going to have to deal with the “I look ugly” mess.

She also has this idea about the Tooth Fairy coming for the tooth. She is pretty excited about this “Tooth Fairy.” I  asked who is the tooth fairy and what she did. She told me she gives money for teeth. Okay. I reminded her all her money goes into the piggy bank. That didn’t seem like much fun

I am not sure how to deal with this tooth business. I have just been listening to her, but not telling her “there is no such thing.” Well, guess whose tooth started shaking yesterday? Yep, my Big Honey. I would not be  surprised if it is hanging from her neck this afternoon. Now, what? She is so happy about the Tooth Fairy; I think that was part of the excitement in rushing her teeth out of her mouth.

Here is the thing, I could pretend this one time and then tell her “Mommy, put ___ under your pillow.” But, my youngest would miss out on this “opportunity” to have the “Tooth Fairy” visit. She would already know the truth, before she even loses a tooth. Hmmm…Then why even put something under her pillow, to ruin it by saying “Yea, I put it there.” She would be totally excited and  I would burst her little bubble.

I have no problem pretending this one time. But, then I will be ruining it for my other daughter. If I do it for one, then I have I have to keep the charade going for a another couple of years.

I am not sure how to play this one out.

Any ideas?

Here is what I have kind of come up with a few seconds ago. Once the tooth comes out, I will be just as excited as she is about it. I tend to do this anyway. Then, I am going to tell her, we can go to the store and she can pick something for being a big girl. I will say something about her not crying or something, maybe? When she asks about the tooth fairy, I am going to tell her the “Tooth Fairy” is just a fun story. Kids like fun stories, but it is really the mommies that give the kids something for their teeth. If she still wants to put in under her pillow, I will let her do so. Then I will put something under there, for her to see in the morning. But, I would’ve already told her Mommies are the tooth fairies. 

Sounds good? 

Am I a dream crusher?


  1. I remember when I believed in the Tooth Fairy. It was fun. I remember waking up with money under my pillow. Like magic. I think kids enjoy this stuff. Imagination is important to the development of children’s minds. And when they get a little older, they figure out on their own that there is no Tooth Fairy. But they remember how they felt when the thought there was one.


  2. I agree with the previous poster…its all about the imagination. I think it prolongs the innocence that children have.


    1. That’s the thing. They have a great imagination. We pretend in many ways.

      I think you guys may be right on this one. I never had the tooth fairy visit me. I heard of it, but never paid it any attention.

      I am going to go with letting their imagination run wild on this one guys.



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