When are you going to remove…

…those old ex-girlfriend pictures?

Let me set the scene:

You are with your girlfriend for some time (this could mean 3 days in lesbian time). Anyway, you add pictures of her and the two of you together to your social media profiles. For what ever the reason, the two of your break up. Do you remove the pictures? If you do, when do you remove the pictures? 

I am all about deleting. Is that harsh? Am I erasing memories? Do I seem cold and heartless? If you answered yes, to any of those questions, you are wrong. I just don’t see the point of having pictures of an ex on your FB or any other site. What is the point? You still want to look at her everyday? For what reason? Even if we broke up on good terms and remained friends, I am still going to delete you. Not because I am bitter and mad, but, because it is over. The pictures were representing “togetherness” and that has now changed. So, it must go.

I don’t even have to be dating again or in a new relationship to delete. Nope, I am a big girl who knows when to take the next step. There is nothing worst that  talking to someone new and their pages are full of ex pictures. Such a turn off. But, it is usually a good thing though. I know immediately what I am dealing with here. I already know, this woman is still hung up on her ex. Even if I proceed, I proceed with caution. I did this once and blah.

This really isn’t about a picture, it is about an emotional attachment.

Okay, lets take it off of the internet for a moment. What if you are currently dating a woman and she still has ex pictures and “shit” laying around her apartment? When you look in the closet (to hang something up) you see the ex’s shoes? What if she still has a picture of her/them on the wall/dresser? What if she still has her toothbrush in the bathroom (LMAO)? What if you needed a brush or a flat-iron, she tells you, to look in the ex’s “old drawer”?

You ask why she still has the ex “paraphernalia” and she says, she just hasn’t had time to get rid of “stuff.”. She works, busy, not really paying it any attention. They broke up a year ago, btw. How would you handle this situation?

Would this be an issue?


  1. “this could mean 3 days in lesbian time”


    I agree with you. Keeping photos is a way of holding on to the past. I don’t necessarily think you have to destroy old photos but they should be in a box in an out of the way place.


  2. Like you stated, it boils down to attachment. Either the person is over their ex or they aren’t. Posting and displaying pictures and keeping clothes is not a sign of letting go. That’s all about holding on to something that’s gone.


  3. this is funny…. I had to look at my own shit before commenting.. and I found that I do still have pics of exes still on my page…actually…i have a pic of me and almost all of my exes on my fb..lmao…I never thought about it in a “still attached” way. Am I still attached??? How do you know if you are still attached? I like some of the pictures because of the event…I think I delete pics if they “look” intimate…like if we were laid up some where with the kissy face thing going on …then I would take it off. I also delete pics of my ex if its just her in the pic. Hmm I need to take some time and think about this…


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