Free your mind…

…Get a piece of mind.

Some people really need to free their minds. No one should let anyone convince them, they aren’t worthy of love. I am meeting and speaking to women who have no self-worth. They have no sense of self. It just seems like they would let anyone do anything to them, without taking any of that blame. They have issues with standing up for themselves. It is really sad. Oh, I can not wait to become a therapist; I want to help.

I know we are handed all sorts of things in life. But, we do have control of ourselves. Even, if the choice is taken away from you at a point, you still have a choices. You can choose to use those situations as lessons and not a blueprint on how you will let people treat you.

I like confidence and strength. No, you do not have to be “She-man” or anything, but, know who you are. Know you are worth everything wonderful. There is a piece of happiness for everyone; get your piece. Everyone isn’t nice (that is what I tell my daughters). Everyone doesn’t wish you well. Everyone does not want the best for you. Everyone does not love you. Everyone isn’t meant for you. I really want women to take control of their lives. Anything is possible, but, you have to believe. Free your mind of those things that haunt you. Let go of that person that hurt you. Remove the negative people from your life. Free you mind and choose happiness.

Ms. Hill just reminded me of what I have been thinking lately. This woman was hurt so bad and so broken down. I am just going off of her music and right now, this song. When I watched the actual video of that Unplugged performance, she really cried. That man was her piece of mind. So, what if that person leaves, do you lose your mind?

I am starting to wonder, where are the women? The ones that are not broken? I know we all have situations, but, that doesn’t mean healthy relationships are just a myth. Therapy is a great thing and more people should sort out their feelings.

Anyway, that was me emptying my brain today. Feel free to listen to the song.


  1. Because of the way we go about having relationships, we get broken by default because there’s our idea of what relationships should be like… then there’s the truth of it all and it ain’t as pretty as we’d like it to be.

    It’s not that we’re broken; it’s that we allow ourselves to remain this way, sticking to ideals that just don’t work in real life. Sure, the broken people need to get a grip and wrest back control of their lives from those whose goal is to disrupt it, to change it to their idea of the way shit is supposed to go and/or happen… but it’s not really a self-control issue; it’s a matter of not continuing to delude ourselves that the way we want to love and be loved is the only way this can happen.

    We get broken because we become disillusioned about love, sex, and relationships; we’re made to engage in such things in a way that doesn’t really fit our ability and desire to love and be loved. It places limits on us and, thus, limits those who would be involved with us.


  2. This is an outstanding and uplifting post. It would have went really well with the Women Empowerment Month I recently had on my blog.

    Keep uplifting women and encouraging them to find strength and happiness within themselves!


  3. Great post! Its so important to remember not to let a relationship define you, but more importantly not to let anything make you forget who you are.

    I’m a lesbian doing health behavior research in our community. This study is on gender presentation and substance use in lesbians, and we are looking for womyn (trans-inclusive) over 18 who self identify as lesbian bisexual or queer (LBQ) to take a 25 minute survey on

    I would so appreciate it if you helped my get the word out about this on your blog, email facebook or whatever!

    Research is important because health care providers use studies like this one to make decisions about our care.

    This study is approved by the St. Johns University IRB



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