Mitt Romney…

A Vietnam veteran asked Mitt Romney, if he would pass legislature in support of gay marriage. No, was the answer. Romney, is an asshole, who will not be getting my VOTE. I need to start a petition or something. He irked my nerves, oh so bad today.

I think he needs to get off of his high horse and cut the shit!

Everyone is entitled to the same rights! Why are we picking and choosing? Convicted sex offenders are allowed to live right in our buildings and do we get a say? Nope! According to the law, they are people too. The teachers in NYC are molesting our children left and right. I don’t see him, trying to do anything. No, he is worried about how grown adults are living their lives. A life that has no effect, on anyone else.

I am just so tired of the bullshit. If you do not like gay marriage, do NOT, I repeat, DO NOT, marry a gay person!

Why is this the hottest topic? Who cares? We aren’t asking for anything special. We just want the SAME rights. Nothing, spectacular! I do the same things everyone else does, so I should be allowed the same rights. I also pay the same taxes. My whole life isn’t about being a lesbian. To me, that is ONE aspect of someone’s life. I don’t even think that is the MOST important part of someone’s life. I live a very normal life…let me show you.

My typical day

I get my gay body out of bed early every morning.

I prepare the children of a lesbian for school.

I drink a lesbian cup of tea with sugar and lemon.

I walk gayly to the bus stop and the daycare.

I wave lesbianly for the dollar van.

I sit at my rainbowly-gay desk.

I do extremely lesbian work for 8 hours.

I pay too much gay-ass taxes.

I schlep my lesbian-self back home.

I kiss the kids of a lesbian; I tell them how much this lesbian missed them.

I prepare the gayest dinner in the world.

I try to put some lesbian knowledge in their heads, you know, help with home work.

This lesbian bathes her daughters —  they splash and make a mess for the lesbian to clean afterwards.

I find the gayest book to read — anything with words.

I give lots of hugs and kisses to the children of a lesbian.

Then I lay my exhausted, overworked, homo-self down in my bed.

While I lay in my gay bed (800 count Egyptian cotton) I think of ways to do better. Oh, my bed is so gay!

If I choose to get married, why would anyone oppose? I was born in this country and have paid taxes forever!

When I get married, I want it to be on Mitt Romney’s front lawn.

Video removed…



  1. Hahaha. Nice post! Love your to-do list.
    I get that it’s a yes or no thing for people. Some people do not support gay marriage. Whatever. It really causes issues for a lot of people, and it’s a shame.
    I live in The Bahamas, where it’s risky to be openly gay. When the Rosie O’Donnell cruise stopped here, people were PROTESTING in the downtown area of a TOURIST DESTINATION. I mean, we literally get our BREAD AND BUTTER from tourism – it’s well over 50% of the GDP with the closest industry being banking with 15%. That’s how serious it is. For people to protest and demonstrate against visitors when they are needed for the country’s survival because they are gay, we know we have a problem. Imagine what daily living is like for gay people in general. We have a LOT to overcome before there can even be a discussion about gay marriage.


  2. I am not voting to Romney myself at the moment but if you like where he stands in other areas then why would you not vote for him? Do you agree with your candidate on every issue? The answer is probably no. Is he going to take anything more away from you than you already do not have? No. He would keep things as status quo for the country, but I think he would allow the states to decide what is best for that state, and you my dear live in a state that you can legally get married. BUT if you do not agree with him on a whole, then do not vote for him. If it is just one issue then you may want to reconsider.


    1. Honestly, I can not vote for anyone who openly refuses to acknowledge gay people. You do not have to support gay marriage. I think that is a personal preference, but when they are so gung ho, I just don’t see it as being helpful to us. I see it as rather harmful. We are all hoping that every state and every country in the world will just recognize people should marry who they want. I am friendly with people who do not believe in gay marriage. That is a personal opinion, which is fine. But, I wouldn’t want that person to be in power. Their opinion can really have an effect on things, ya know?

      I love my grandmother dearly, but she does not approve of gay marriage. She disapproves to the point, where it is hateful (I do think she has become a little more accepting of gay people though.) I do not like when people spew hate. You do not have to support gay marriage, but I think people should support equal rights and the right to marry who they want. All it means is, you wont have to go to the wedding.

      Mitt Romney’s stance of the other issues aren’t enough to sway my vote. His stance on other issues, it is just, nothing to write home about. Add the fact that he strongly opposes gay marriage and same sex relationships, yea, not hoping to see him around for much longer, on the campaign trail.


  3. I agree that all this is bullshit. In 20 years, I fully expect my children to be ashamed of our culture, African-Americans in particular, for holding on to something at the expense of others. “What’s the big deal?” they’ll ask, and they’ll be right. I will never understand the benefit in denying others the right to be themselves and live their lives. It just doesn’t make sense.


  4. Although I’m a liberal,I’m definitely not for gay marriage.

    But why get married anyway?Gay ppl get on my nerve with that.Just fucking like yall lives as if yall were married.Simple!Doesn’t need a paper to consecrate a marriage?Fuck a paper,and a ring.Well,why can’t gay ppl just have a ceremony(wedding) and just call it a wedding?


    1. We could just have a ceremony and call it a wedding. Why don’t straight people do it with us? If we should “pretend” to be married, then everyone should “pretend.” It isn’t fair that some people can have the real deal, while others have to settle for “pretend” marriages. I know straight women who say they have a “husband,” but that isn’t worth anything, in the eyes of the law.

      I agree it is a piece of paper, but for some people (gay and straight) marriage means more than a piece of paper and it is something they want. Whoever wants that piece of paper, should be allowed to receive one.

      I am not married, but when I/if (legal in NY) do get married, I plan on taking it seriously.


  5. lmao@ wave lesbianly for the dollar van….ahhh this was very funny…but true…I bet if his ass found himself on his death bed, he wouldnt give a damn about the sexuality of the person saving his life. Out of group of people who helped him get to where he is today..i’m sure one or more of them were gay,lesbian,bi,or transgendered and he didnt even know it…Today marriage is anything but traditional…only 5% of heterosexual couples make it to their 50th anniversary….hmmmm 5%…that aint shit. Then when those type of statistics are thrown out into the debate, they want to try to throw some other shit out there that has nothing to do with two people wanting to be legally committed to one another…ahhhhh I guess you cant change the minds of “ignant” folks.


    1. I think some people really end up changing their minds, when the “gay-issue” hits close to home. When their family member comes out of the closet, that is when they want equality. They sometimes realize, how fucked up their family has been treated. But, who knows, right?


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