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  1. I’m not homophobic but gays are just sick.

    I don’t think ppl in general have a problem with female on female homosexuality(since yall can’t have penetration anyway).The problem lies in when a man penetrates another male.That’s fucking disgusting,and that’s where ppl’s outrage stem from.

    No one gives a fuck about a woman and a woman doing them(at least we men don’t have a true prob with it).But we can’t just legalize female-female gay marriages and ban male-male,so there’s where the prob’ comes in.So when Mitt or any conservative say they’re anti-gay.They really mean anti-male homosexuality.


    1. I am not a man, but I will defend gay men! Who are you, Mitt, or myself for that matter, to say what 2 men do, is “disgusting?” I would not like to be penetrated in my ass, but that is my business. What 2 men do to each other, is own their business. I could care less, what anyone puts in their ass. It isn’t mine, so I mind my OWN business. That is the problem with anti-gay assholes. They are too busy worrying about other people. They need to worry about themselves and less about peoples bedrooms. There is a lot of shit, that I do not like, but unless someone is being harmed (without consent) that just isn’t my business.

      I mean seriously, why do people feel so strongly against homosexuality? @kenny, if you don’t like gay sex, I suggest not having any.

      Relationships are not all about sex. Yes, when we are young, we can have sex all the time. Once you are old, there isn’t much sex, but the relationship is still solid. You mean to tell me, a couple, who has spent many years together, shouldn’t be able to get married?
      Marriage has nothing to do with sex. No one is asking permission to have sex.

      What really grinds my gears? The fact that the people who have such a problem with gay marriage, don’t even believe in treating their partners as equals anyway. Most of the men that are soooo anti-gay — are shit. HAHAHA! They cheat on their wives and the other ones, just use women, for what they want. I guess, that is why marriage isn’t worth much to them anyway.

      But, some people (gay and straight) really value the person in their lives and they want to make it legal — for themselves, in the eyes of the law.


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