Chime In…

I was reading something on Facebook recently and thought it would be a great topic.

I will set the scene:

You meet a woman online and you really hit it off. You finally meet in person and you realize, she is not only beautiful on the outside, but on the inside as well. The two of you really hit it off and feelings start to emerge. The two of you spend a substantial amount of time together. You haven’t had sex yet and 6 months have passed. One day she tells you, she is HIV positive.

How do you proceed?

Chime in…


  1. Well it does not mean you cannot kiss, hug,and love one another. It depends on how much actual sex is important. For some people cuddling, kissing and hugging will be enough. For others it would not be. If that is not enough then you let the person go because there will be someone who will love them with HIV even if it is another with HIV.


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