Catholic Priests are…

…Pedophiles, rapists and child molesters. If you disagree — tell me why.


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  1. I disagree because you cannot generalize. A statement like that is misleading. Pedophiles, rapists and child molesters are to be found everywhere. It’s like saying fire fighters are pedophiles, rapists and child molesters. Teachers are pedophiles, rapists and child molesters. Doctors are pedophiles, rapists and child molesters. Lawyers are pedophiles, rapists and child molesters. You get where I’m going. So yes there may be cases where catholic priests have been found to be pedophiles, rapists and child molesters but it’s important to say SOME catholic priests are….and not just “catholic priests” are pedophiles, rapists and child molesters.


    1. I could say some. I am sure it is not every single one of them. The thing is, they have such a bad name to me, I would never attend their church, events, or trust any single one of their priests. Yes, this is completely out of fear.

      The reason I didn’t say some..I feel like even the ones that are not rapists, care more about the reputation of the church, then they do the kids. To me, that is just as bad and they are classed with the deviants. It seems likealmost the whole “church organization” just sweeps the misdeeds of their priests under the rug. I just don’t see how any of them can still be a priest or have anything to do with the religion. I have not seen anything substantial done to punish or prevent these criminals. So, yea, I am putting them all in the same pot. Honestly, if I were a law abiding priest, I would quit. I would feel so disgusted by the whole institution and ashamed to even be affiliated. Everyone seems to go about business as usual.


      1. I understand how you feel. Religion is an opiate of the masses. So said one wise person and I try to stay far away from churches, religion and any discussion of either. Frankly a lot of these “church folks” do “worldy” things and they are quite like you and me but they hide behind their Allah, Jesus, Budda or whoever. I know what’s in my heart and I try to live as best as I can. My comment to the post was just basically to state that you can’t categorize ALL people as a specific thing. But getting down to the nitty gritty I don’t even want it to remotely sound as if I am standing up for or defending them. I have never even been to a Catholic church and the closest I have come was via a few episodes of Law and Order SVU.


  2. This doesn’t really amaze me so much since the genie’s been out of that particular bottle for a while now. They’ve always had this “do as I say, not as I do” thing going on and always giving the masses the impression that if we did a thing, it’s wrong; if they do it, eh, no biggie – God told us to do that.

    It’ll be interesting to see if Santorum starts backpedaling and puts some distance between himself and his on-the-record support for the Catholic Church; any man that can use religion to condone rape should never lead this country.

    All these lawsuits are the least of their problems. Their biggest problem now is credibility; few people are gonna buy into their centuries-old dogma against homosexuality when there are homosexuals on their side of the door. Sure, it’s not all Catholic priests… but they wind up being guilty by association so the public gets the sense that if one of them has done this, they all have done it.

    That the CC is still trying to act as if they don’t know anything about any of this just pisses in everyone’s face; they’re trying to sweep it back under the carpet from which it has always been hiding – and it ain’t working.

    Probably won’t affect anyone’s belief in God… but this has a profound effect on our ability to believe THEM and they need us to believe them.


  3. hmm..I think that parents just need to pay more attention to their children ….and constantly ask them questions. I know my mom use to always ask “has/is anyone touching you here.. or.. here.. or here?? if so, you make sure you tell me!”…. That has always stuck with me…I think some parents feel uncomfortable talking about certain things with their children… or shit they may just in denial …thinking “oh that wont happen to my children”…

    A lot of things are masked by fronts..I just don’t understand why there would be a need for anyone’s child to be left alone with a priest..for what??? Yes the priest is wrong, along with the people who try cover up their sicknesses….but in the end, I always blame the damn parents.


    1. It’s a trust issue, rjgist, like being taught to trust the police even though some of them ain’t so trustworthy. I’m trying to figure out how a kid’s parents can be blamed if the local priest does a Jedi mind trick on the boy and gets inside his head… then gets in the boy’s drawz a short time after that.

      Do you really expect, say, a nine-year-old boy, to understand all the nuances of sex and sexuality when there are grown people who don’t understand it? Sure, some parents dodge these issues like the plague – and then tell their kid to just say no and to scream bloody murder if someone makes a move on them. And then we expect all kids to do this, to somehow protect themselves against an influential adult when the parents aren’t around to do it? It’s unrealistic to think like this so, no, I wouldn’t blame the parents so much except their being naive enough to feel that Father So-and-So can be trusted just because he has that collar on.

      So what do you blame the parents for in this? I don’t know if you have kids but if you don’t and you think a kid is always gonna answer a parent truthfully, guess again and more so if it’s something they don’t want you to know. You can pay attention to your kid – as much as it’s possible… and that means what? Bringing down that kind of scrutiny doesn’t always result in compliant kids – it can and has made them rebel and go do all the things you told them not to do, like let Father So-and-So fuck him in the mouth and ass… and all because you’re leaning on them like a ton of bricks.

      Like you really believe that anyone who got fucked by a priest was really a victim? Hmm?


        1. Can’t imagine why it would confuse you since some kids could readily say yes to the act even if they’re not legally able to do so; we apply the victim label based on the legalities of it all. Maybe people don’t want to believe that, say, a 12-year-old boy would say yes to having oral sex with his priest – because that’s what he wants to do. Easier to assume that kids don’t know about this stuff, huh, so they can never agree to doing something like this, huh? Like there aren’t kids capable of “seducing” adults into having sex with them, huh?

          Legally, they’re all victims – can’t argue with that but we do act like a 14-year-old can’t say “Okay, let’s do this!” just because they legally can’t say yes. The law says they ain’t got what it takes upstairs to be able to consent – but reality says different in some cases, doesn’t it? Doesn’t make it right but like rj said, this is people turning a blind eye to things they should be paying attention to.


          1. A child seducing an adult? Nah. I can see a teen or even a pre-teen being to damn grown and wanting to have sex. Yes, I can see that. Actually, seducing an adult? Nah. That is ridiculous. That is a fullly grown adult and should know that it is wrong and should NOT act. I don’t care if this little grown ass child male or females tries to “seduce” you. Other than it being illegal, it is just plain wrong.

            I remember being in a club once, a girl that was about 15-16, tried to get with me. I was about 24. So, I wasn’t THAT much older. She came up to me and was throwing it back. So, I was dancing. When the dancing stopped, we talked. She told me her age and added “age aint nothing but a number.” I told her she was too young.

            Sure, she looked older. Sure, she was grinding on me. Sure, she was cute. But, I just thought her mother would probably flip and think *I* seduced or tricked her into fucking a woman. I don’t need that shit in my life. I knew better.

            Also, were are not even talking about teens, which I obviously, still think is wrong. They fucks seem to go for the prepubescent CHILD.


            1. Sounds unbelievable, doesn’t it? Yet, it does happen; there’s a guy sitting in jail here serving 4 life sentences for having sex with a girl who said she seduced him – and proved that she did in court. Ultimately, it doesn’t matter what she said – he did it and is paying the price for being stupid because even though she did seduce him, he allowed himself to be seduced – and he knew better.

              We still act as if such a thing isn’t possible and that, my friend, is a mistake. We know it’s not supposed to happen… and what does that really mean? That since it’s not supposed to happen it can never happen? It’s that same mindset that gets us bent out of shape when we walk into the kids’ room and see them fucking each other; they ain’t supposed to be doing that… which doesn’t change the fact that you caught them doing it anyway. We want to believe they don’t know what they’re doing so, yeah, when little Cindy gets caught going down on her best friend Becky, and they’re both 10, shit hits the fan.

              Yeah, sure… it never happens. Right.

              When you get into the legalities of it, if they’re legally unable to consent, it doesn’t matter if they were teens or pre-teens, does it? – because if they ain’t 18, they’re a child – period. Still as wrong as it gets – again, no argument here and no matter who initiated things.

              All I’m saying is that we’re assuming that everyone was a victim – and they may not have been.


              1. Your friend deserved to be in jail. I don’t care if that girl “admitted” in open court that she “seduced” him. Adults, should have the proper skills needed to problem solve. HE displayed poor judgement.

                It is also different, if you caught 2 kids fucking. Yes, that’s not cool. But, a grown up with any child of any age, is not only only not cool, it is disgusting, wrong, and fucked up. They can damage that child for the rest of their lives. Like Kai said, if you don’t expect to give them all the rights that adults have, not be convenient with the whole “they seduced” me bullshit.


                1. LB, the guy I mentioned ain’t no friend of mine! He just wound up being part of a really big case here where I live and one that opened up a lot of people’s eyes in that someone can deny being a victim but someone’s still gonna serve some life sentences for the act – it upset a lot of people and also led to a brief movement to discover how many similar cases had been tried.

                  Doesn’t excuse the deplorable act because the law is still the law on this. Maybe some victims weren’t really victims; maybe they all were but what’s telling in this is where, in my example, a man got four consecutive life sentences for what he did… and these priests ain’t even showing up in a court of law once they’ve been identified! The Church is being allowed to payoff the victims… and then go on about their business because, as an entity, they seem to be above the law, huh?

                  I saw a news thingy yesterday where the diocese here is unsealing priests’ records so any offenders here can be ID’d and I don’t doubt that they’ll find more offenders than we knew of. That the Catholic Church needs to change the way they do things is rather obvious, like dropping that vow of celibacy they make everyone take and allowing them to marry because despite their profession, they’re just people and people who have managed to get themselves in big time trouble because their bosses refuse to be more “modern” in their approach.


  4. Oh um … WOW.. The above comments are crazy, I’m sorry but they are.

    The bottom line is it is not ok to have sexual relationships with children, I don’t give a fuck what ‘signals’ some sick bastard thought he was getting from the child. You wouldn’t take life advice from a child, you wouldn’t expect a child to go out and work a damn 9-5, you wouldn’t expect a child to understand certain things – because they are a CHILD. So why is it ok for them to be treated as ‘adults’ in some situations and not others? They are CHILDREN for fuck sake!!

    My son might WANT to sit and eat chocolate for dinner, breakfast and lunch… but that doesn’t mean that because he is able to ‘decide’ that is what he wants to do, that I should allow him to. If I do allow him to and he gets sick – then it is MY fault and HE would be a victim of mine because I was the adult and I was the one who should have known better!

    Smh … sorry for the rant but this shit is a little too close to home! I’ve watched the life of someone be torn apart because prosecutors hit her with the same stupid comments as those I’ve just read “she seduced him” …an 11 year old seduced a 48 year old man -_- Pathetic.

    They should be castrated with scissors.

    Oh n in answer to the original question lol … I don’t know about all, but waaay too many!


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