People are sick!

I am extremely bothered by violence against women and children. I show the sick bastards that molest, rape and violate people.

Unfortunately, one of these news stories have hit entirely too close to home. A person who is associated with my company, has been arrested for having and distributing child pornography and for molesting young boys. He has worked for many programs over the years. I think he was currently working with a few different organizations. All of these organizations deal with children.

Last month, he was arrested for the having and distributing child porn. This month, they found video of him fondling a boy’s penis and spanking another naked child. He was out on bail for the first arrest and was re-arrested with new charges — without bail.

I know this guy too, but we aren’t friends or anything.

The charges are outrageous and just fucking disgusting!

This story is disturbing me so much. This man had access to so many kids — it is just crazy.

Parents send their kids to school for an education. Then these sick fucks take these jobs. According to the news, he likes “black boys, 10 years and older.” The news also reported, he admitted to collecting and sharing child porn daily and masturbating to child porn at least 3 times per week. Really? Ugh!

Please talk to your kids. It may seem like they are too young for this sort of conversation — they aren’t. I have talked to my kids over and over. I have told my kids about private parts, touching etc. I told them no one touches you, not even another kid. I explained, sometimes, kids/adults will create games to touch each other in their private areas, and that is not a game. It is not okay. I let them know other people may even asked MY children to touch them, and they should NOT! I even went as far, to say, do not put your mouth on people’s private areas. I explained that could also be considered a game, but it is not. It is nasty! No one puts their mouth, penis, or vagina on you and you never do it to anyone else. If someone touches them or even says anything like that — tell me. I let them know the person is sick and they should get away from that person.

I have practiced what they should say/do. I go over it now and then too. I have to at least put that information in their heads. A lot of kids have no idea what is happening when someone brings this kinda shit to them. Kids get duped into shit and they have no idea what is going on. They don’t even realize it is wrong — until it is too late.

I don’t even do pet names for shit. It is a Vagina! If someone ever touched it, I don’t want them telling the teacher “He/she touched my wink-wink.” A teacher will ignore that bs real quick. In my family, we called our vagina, our “mee-mee.” I have no idea who thought of it, but it has gone on for generations. Well, that shit stopped with me — in my household. A penis was a “dingaling or teelee.” I am not creating a name for something that already has a name. I don’t want it to sound fun and cute. I want it to sound like what it is. What does your family call yours? That would be interesting to know. I swear, people are so creative.

I don’t want to give too much details with the news story; the media is already having a field day.


  1. I agree that it is really important to speak with your children about these things – so God forbid something should occur, they know well enough that they need speak up about it. It is so amazingly disheartening to entrust your child in this system designed for education, in which other people are using for access and victimization… smh


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