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An unarmed Bronx teen was fatally shot by cops after they chased him into his family’s apartment building on Thursday, police said.

Ramarley Graham, 19, was hit once in the chest after an officer fired his gun during a confrontation in the Williamsbridge apartment about 3 p.m., police said. No gun was found at the scene, cops said.

Graham was rushed to Montefiore Medical Center, where he later died.

“They chased him into the house,” said the teen’s mother, Constance Malcolm, 39, who witnessed the shooting. “Nobody deserves to be shot in their own home.”

Moments before the shooting, officers from the NYPD’s Street Narcotics Enforcement Unit spotted Graham on the street adjusting his waistband and thought he had a gun, a police source said.

But Graham — who had at least two prior arrests for marijuana and burglary — ran when cops tried to approach him, the sources said.

Cops followed the teen as he dashed toward his second-floor apartment on E. 229th St., cops said. Once inside, Graham darted toward the bathroom with two cops behind him, cops said.

The teen tussled with a cop before the officer’s gun — a Sig Sauer .9-mm — went off and a bullet pierced Graham in the upper left chest, police said.

“He had some weed on with him,” said a family friend. “It wasn’t a big deal. They shot him inside the house. … He didn’t have a gun.”

A police source said marijuana was found inside the bathroom and that Graham may have been trying to flush it down the toilet.

Police were still investigating the incident Thursday night.

Carmen Laspina, 40, was watching TV with her three daughters when she heard cops swarming the street.

“The block was really quiet and then, suddenly, you hear all these sirens, helicopters, and I see all these cops running,” she said.

“I looked out the window, and they were putting someone in the ambulance. … He wasn’t moving. It was scary to see somebody shot like that.”


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  1. Wow, its a sad situation. In the cops mind they probably were running why did he run. Maybe because he knows that things can go from simple to something else.

    Shooting someone should not have been justified in this. If he never pulled out a weapon they could wrestled with him to arrest him…if I was the mother I would sue.


  2. Wow! No matter what the child was already doing, nobody’s life was in danger. Shot over a bag of weed? There are far more serious situations going on in the streets rather than to be chasing after someone for the mere fact that, “he ran”. Really?! What I don’t get is why the cop would have his gun out in the first place. I had this conversation with someone the other day. Cops are suppose to “shoot to stop” NOT “shoot to kill” and it seems as if, in most cases, they continuously get away with murder. I repeat this constantly, “people are people”. No 1 person’s life is more valuable than the next. That child still had a family and that child’s mother still had her son until someone uncaringly got out of control with their title.


    1. Yea, I think it was excessive. Shooting at all was excessive and shooting to kill? Come on. It is so sad the way people die everyday, for no reason at all. They shot and killed a cop a few weeks ago and it also made be sad. The man had a wife and 4 daughters. Another cop was shot in the head the other day, but he is still alive, he has a 6 week old baby. This young boy lost his life for absolutely no reason. A small time crime, should never lead to death. Arrest? Sure. But to be murdered, in your home, in front of your family? It just isn’t right.


  3. This is a tough situation. One is the kid should not have ran at all and this whole thing would not have happened. We can blame the cops all we want for this kids death, and yes it is the police officers shot that killed the kid. BUT the kid was not innocent. He was obviously selling or purchasing drugs, he has had prior arrests, he is not an angel of a kid and he has obviously not learned any lessons for the previous run ins with the cops. I think the whole situation is unfortunate. Did the punishment fit the crime, no, but there was a crime that was happening.


  4. There’s a reason I stay out of two cities in particular: Philadelphia and New York City. Seems to me the police officers in these two cities are prone to excessive force and shooting people who aren’t threatening them with being shot. It’s the same old excuse: “I thought he had a gun!”

    You think he was reaching for a weapon because he went under his shirt? Could it be that he was reaching for his stash so he could ditch it?

    The question I’d ask is why the officer had his Sig out in a close-quarters situation to begin with and more so since they had him cornered in the bathroom; you holster your weapon for a couple of reasons – one, so that you don’t get overpowered and get it taken from you and, two, to prevent an accident from happening to your suspect or your fellow officers trying to take him down.

    How many people think that the NYPD IA group is gonna call this a good shoot?


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