Back in the day…

I didn’t know many people with a dog in Brooklyn. I am racking my brain to think of who had a dog. I came up with one friend. I think my cousin had a dog outside. I did not see many dogs around the neighborhood.

I still live in the same Brooklyn and everyone has a dog! When did this happen? Is it when Paris Hilton and them showed off their dogs? Is it because all the celebrities carry dogs in their pockets? I swear we live in a society full of followers.

Now, I am not a dog hater. Or a cat hater as my earlier posts may imply. I just believe if you have animals you should do what you are supposed to do. You also need to be realistic. If your cat “meows too much” for your taste, cats may not be the pet for you. If you do not like picking up shit, a dog isn’t for you either. Just be realistic. I don’t like cats and I don’t like picking up dog shit, soooo, I don’t have either animal. I like to look @ fish, so I have 3. See, how that works? I am realistic. I don’t feel like making room in my life to walk a dog. I don’t like changing cat litter. You see how this works? Yes, some of those toy dogs are really cute. I even thought about getting one a few times, but I knew I wasn’t being realistic.

As I walk through Brooklyn, all I see is dog shit. Why aren’t people curbing these dogs that they just HAD TO HAVE? I always want to say something to those nasty fucks. But, the ones I see, are usually curbing. I have some words sitting in the back of my throat though, trust me.

I saw this lady walking her dog the other day and she did NOT pick the shit up. I was going to let her have a piece of my mind. But, she is the lady from the laundromat. I don’t want any beef with her ass. I sometimes dry my clothes there and you KNOW how the lil Asian lady acts about drying. They do NOT want you drying if you did not wash there. I used to do all my laundry there, until I put my washing machine in. Now, I go once in a while. I was like damn, she is going to remember me and tell me “NO DRY HEA. You WASH!” So, I just shut the fuck up. I was grilling the shit out of her though. I rolled my eyes and everything– until I recognized her.

My sister called me today and told me SHE LET A MAN HAVE IT! I was so proud. She said “you need to pick that up. You need to curb your dog!” Well, Mr. Man grumbled and mumbled, then walked his shitty dog-ass on. She tried….



  1. I always tell people if they aren’t picking up their dog’s business. I have a dog and sometimes when i don’t have a plastic bag, i know for sure i have a napkin/tissue somewhere in my pockets. ALWAYS pick up your dog poo. that’s my motto.


  2. I always pick up my dog’s doo. I’d rather do that than clean a litterbox and swab up cat puke (which, this is the first time I’ve been without cats in almost 20 years and my first dog and I’m loving it!)


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