I notice so much more when I don’t feel good. Maybe they just annoy me a bit more.

  • I am tired of people putting so many damn air fresheners in their automobile. I mean seriously, nothing smells that damn good. Cut it out, I am choking!
  • I know people eat on the run, especially here in NYC. I have been known to munch on a little something on the train or where ever. I know people are hungry, but why did this man have to bust out a fish sandwich on the bus? Really, fish? Come on! Guess where he sat down, before opening this home-made fish sandwich in foil paper? Right next to me. Guess what else? He had a cane and I couldn’t ask him to move. I was stuck.
  • Why do “church people” think it is okay to knock on my door on Saturday morning? This Saturday, was not the day for the shit. The lady was banging the hell out of my door too. I looked through he peephole to see a woman holding pamphlets. Please, do not come to my door holding shit — I will not relieve you of anything. Unfortunately, you will be carrying it all to you next location. Then she only spoke Spanish. I am saying, don’t knock on my door, if you don’t speak enough English to carry a small conversation. I should have told her ass to tell the woman next door, to bring her fucking cat into her apartment, because he is shitting on my shit and doing that whining cat shit all damn night.
  • I actually tried to speak to my last week, but she wasn’t completely getting it. She understood me enough to tell me “cat MEOW MEOW MUCHO.” I guess that is why he lives on the fire escape. Remember, the cat was shitting in front of my window? I told her the “cat MEOW MUCHO and it is keeping my kids awake.” Unfortunately, I didn’t brush up on my Spanish before hand. I just happen to see her in the lobby, so I jumped the gun. The conversation ended with me saying “Cat…gato…no good outside.” I am going to have to brush up on my Spanish, so I can explain it to my Dominican super and he can rely the message to my Mexican Neighbor. I have so many cultures in my building. Sunday smells great in my building; everyone is cooking.
  • Kids do not understand “Mommy does not feel well.” If mommy is not dead, mommy is fine. I try to say things in a way, that does not hurt feelings. When the kids wanted me to read/play with stuff, I wanted to say “I don’t want to read or play with a thing. Please have a seat and hush, lol.” Instead, I went with “that is a really nice toy/book/what ever thing they just made, we should wait until bedtime and then I can read/play/look at it a little.” It worked and they forgot all about it at bedtime.
  • Mommy should never be sick when the kids are sick. Both of my kids have diarrhea now. Saturday was spent giving extra showers, cleaning and jumping out of my bed with a pail — for the vomit. Last night was spent in the bathroom. I am kinda tired today. It isn’t that bad though, the NyQuil knocked me out afterwards.
  • Why do guys insist on talking when your face says “please do not say shit to me. Not a fucking word from you!”
  • Why did I change pants yesterday and leave all of my shit in my pockets? I didn’t notice until I was 5 blocks from my house. I went home to get my money, metro card, ID and debit card. I was so over it, I just went to bed. Now, I have to finish yesterday’s tasks today.
  • Why does the hater @ my job insist on cracking jokes with me. I am pretty dry with him too. He might be funny, but he doesn’t make me laugh. One of these days I am going to say “please tell your gay-ass jokes walking!” I am sure he will love that and then I will have a wonderful obnoxious laugh. I can’t stand homophobes.

Okay, I am done, LOL. I can go back to my pleasant self now. Thankfully, I feel a lot better today. It is also good to know, my happy pile is so much bigger than my gripe pile.

Do you guys have any gripes?

You should share with me!


  1. looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool i am craaacking up!!! omg where has this blog been all my life???

    “if mummy is not dead mummy is fine” looooooooooooooooloololololol so flipping true and hilarious!!


  2. ::dyin::: not “gato” just makes me laugh when people (to include myself) try to say foreign words mixed with their own language…at least you know some spanish.. I would have been all the way wrong…like “el chocha is el grosso!!!!..CLEAN THAT SHIT UP!!!”….ahhh language barriers…I must blog about that later lol


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