I might be the recipient of flowers… I think I would rather food…

I went to work even though I felt under the weather. My boss called out; she is sick too. Good thing I went in.  Then my daughter’s  school called and said she soiled herself. She had extra clothes but she soiled them too.  In order to save time,  I just bought her new stuff.  After a lot of running around,  I am now in my bed.

The girl who I had  lunch with  knew I was sick.  She said she was going to bring me flowers last night,  but the place was closed.  She just sent a text saying, she is bringing me flowers and she isn’t taking no for an answer. I didn’t respond because, I was thinking.  Then she said “don’t hide from me today,  lol.”

These flowers would require her to know where I live. I don’t know if I should accept. I still have yet to respond. Am I over thinking?  I am almost positive we won’t be more than friends, but I may go on a second date if it’s in the cards. More like just food, rather than a date. I don’t know about these flowers though.



  1. yes great minds do think alike lol…..lls@ her saying that she was going to just drop them off and keep it moving..yea right…that wasn’t her intentions…if she was going to be that nonchalant about it , why would she even consider bringing anything in the first place….she felt like she had to say that because she felt rejected…her ass knows damn well that she wanted you to say..sure :)))) thats soooo sweeeet :)))))bring them :))))) come in :))))) stay a while :)))) cuddle with me :)))…but let me stop being so hard on the girl…Im sure she is a nice young lady…I really want you to keep the second date (for my own entertainment)……I want to see if your feelings change…..


  2. “I know with women a date can turn into a full blow relationship. I am dead serious. Women move quick, most of the time. I can not speak for all lesbians, but for a lot of the ones I know, yep.”

    This quote is from a blogger I’m really admiring… oh, wait, that’s right, LB said this not too long ago! This is starting to sound kinda familiar – one date and someone’s moving pretty damned quick and enough to make the author of this quote… nervous? Apprehensive? Uncertain?

    Okay, so, I can see going on one date to figure out which way the wind might be blowing but if you’re not liking what’s on the wind, why do a second date? Just a general question (because I think I can ask ya) but how long does it take a woman to figure out whether or not she likes another woman?

    A lot of people are “advising” you to forget this chick and move on and the way you’re telling the story, I’m starting to agree with them, not because of what she’s doing but how you’re reacting to what she’s doing…


    1. Yes. Yes. Yes. Rem is right, there is no chemistry. She is cool, but that is about it. I would be friends, maybe, if possible.

      Since going on the lunch date, she is not in a romance zone. That is why , I’m not too excited.

      I didn’t want to accept flowers.

      I don’t want to be mean. She told me she liked me, while I was still deciding. I haven’t said anything since the last text. I need to respond with an I want to be friends text, without being mean.


  3. Wait,what’s going on her?Am I missing something?I get the impression from this short post that you’re actually not digging her)the girl you went in the African-cuisine date with the other day).


  4. um…im in a pessimistic mood right now..but what the hay, I’ll still give my opinion..

    I wouldn’t let her come over either…tell her you aren’t really feeling up to having company or seeing anyone today because you’re sick..and like simplyTia said..what if she just starts popping up..she seems a little clingy and anxious to see you by any means necessary..I mean I know she may really care that you are sick, but you are not in the hospital…it’s just too soon….I’ve done a quick analysis and I could be wrong (92% of the time..I’m right)but this woman may have attachment issues..if you allow her to see you today..she will find other tactics to see you everyday lol.


    1. I just said “awwwww. ..I don’t know if I am going to be up to it. I am Tired and coughing. I am about to take a nap. Her response: “no worries. I was just going to drop it off and keep it moving. hahaha don’t want to spook you out. But I hope you feel better.


  5. No to the knowing where you live already part. Maybe I’m a weirdo but in my dating days I used to visit other ppl’s (dates) homes and never bring them to mine. I’m just wary of people knowing where i live and how to find me. Once upon a time I used to do it until ppl (dates) started popping up on their own to “surprise” me. Like huh? Uh no. I cut that out. But everyone’s different.

    Feel better sweetie!


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