I have a lunch date

I am meeting her tomorrow. I may be setting myself up for foolishness. I figure, it is just lunch, right?

I have talked to her on the phone — twice. The first time, I called her by accident. I was on that chat line and she texted me. I was doing the automated system thing and figured, I would get back to her shortly. Well, I pressed “call” by accident…then…I hung up. LOL. I was trying to listen to the messages. So, she texted me asking, why I hung up. She was also trying to be funny saying “Oh, did you mean to talk to my vm? If you did, call back and I promise, I won’t answer.” Hardyharhar to her!

I had to call back now. Right? I didn’t want to seem scared or something. We ended up talking for like 3 hours. She laughed so much too. She said she had not laughed like that in a long time. I told yall I was funny, right? Well, I am! HAHA. It was a cool convo.

We have been texting and we talked again last night. If you can make a woman laugh, you are good. So, we made plans to do lunch on Thursday. I have to find a place to go. My job is kinda isolated and  I don’t like walking all over. Plus, I don’t think I am going to let her meet me at my job either. I think it is best for her not to know where I work.

The thing is, by the time I get to a restaurant and get back, my hour is over. My job is not strict like that, but I rather use my “play myself time” a bit more wisely. I figured, I would try to put some shit out there with my boss and see how it floats. She knows, I had a dentist appt yesterday, I told her I need to go back tomorrow and again in 2 weeks. This is kinda true. I had a root canal on my tooth, so there is a process. I really went yesterday and I need to go back in 2 weeks, I just threw in tomorrow. She was cool.

I figured, I would leave work earlier and go to lunch. I normally leave @ 4, but I will leave at 2. That way, I can just go home. Did I tell you guys she lived 3 blocks away from my house?

If this works out, this could be lovely. She lives close —  no traveling. She works weekends and I am home on the weekends. Which means, we could only spend time together after work, or rather, after my kids go to bed, lol. This could be really good, no? This is minimal effort and it could be good company. If we have sex, it can be a night-time thing, and she can walk home. Great, right?

I mean, I want a life-long partner, but I am cool with convenience too. I am not in a rush to get married, even though, I want to be married. Is that so bad? I kind of want a relaxed situation, not much pressure, and if we really end up liking each other, I can definitely make more time for a relationship or whatever.

We shall see.

What do you think?


  1. Hey, thank you for following my blog. Now I’m following yours. You’re very funny. I’m thinking about a lesbian humor book. I’m thinking I shouldn’t necessarily write it all myself. Do you known other funny lesbian bloggers? Look forward to reading more. Cindy


      1. Nah,quite the opposit.Heterosexual women go on dates all the time.That’s cool.The fuccing part is pointless to me.So how would it be like to get your pussy eaten for the rest of your life?Seems pretty lack luster to have no physical penetration.


  2. Um..the f*ck are they talking about???? Made my forehead wrinkle up for about 5 minutes after reading that…yea I’m not even going to comment on the “comments” this time…I just…why?….why would you say that??? No… never mind…I just don’t feel like wasting my energy today..but emptyways..

    lmao@ “play myself time”…you said Thursday, which is today..soooo how did it go? (being nosey) …was she cute? … This does sound like the perfect setup…but I have to agree with Valentina..what if she turns out to be crazy, then you have to deal with her ass being close by. Just don’t invite her over to your place for the next 6 months until you scope her out..people’s representative usually goes on vacation near the 3rd or 4th month…then you see get introduced to the “real” them…so yea…keep your sanctuary a safe haven for a while..better safe than sorry.


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