I am dating again…

Well, not really…teehee.

I was on FB and they were talking about places to meet people. I love to hear about “new” places. This girl mentioned a site and I decided to check it out. It is a phone chat line and online dating. I looked over the site real quick and decided to call. Hey, why not? I used to call chat lines back in the day and those were interesting times. I met a crazy 18-year-old crack head once; I should tell the story one of these days.

Last night, I decided to call and see what it is all about. The chat lines back in the day were kind of fun. I had to set up my “mailbox” and create a voice recording. Am I the only one that will delete a voice mail/recording a million times before being pleased with the outcome? I am a bit crazy about sounding just right, lol. I coughed once and I was like damn, that one did sound good too, but I didn’t want to sound like some kinda patient.

This one girl had me dying. I busted out laughing, like I wasn’t alone in my room. She said “Hi…Um…I am from Brooklyn…um.. I like to eat pussy. If you like that…um..send me a message.” I was on the floor! Who says that? Mind you, that was ALL she said — nothing more. So, I did have some laughs.

I learned that you have to pay to retrieve your messages. Or you can pay for the messages you send to people, that way they do not have to pay to retrieve them. Those are prepaid messages. I didn’t like that part too much. I never paid for any kind of dating service. Everything  I do is FREE. But, what is the point in even getting on the line, if you can’t hear the messages? That is ridiculous. A bunch of women said they only wanted pre-paid messages.

You can set up your mailbox to call you when a messages comes in. I set mine up to receive calls from 7am-9pm. I am not staying up all night to hear shit. I got a message this morning and that is when I realized, I had to pay to hear it.

The cost: $19.99 for one week of unlimited message retrieval and the ability to send 3 prepaid messages or $39.00 for a month of message retrieval and 6 prepaid messages. They have some other options too. Like, direct connect and something else. I guess, that means you can talk directly to the person, if they want to speak. I wouldn’t do that option. I figure, one of these messages that we send back and forth, should include a phone number; I’m just saying.

I just don’t know what to do about this one. I am too cheap for this sort of thing.

Would you pay?


  1. Personally I wouldn’t pay. I’m wayyy too cynical. I’d be there thinking that ppl who work for this site are the ones leaving messages (sometimes) to generate business for their company. Could be wrong but uh, no.

    I think if you’re adventurous you should do a month’s trial. You never know who you might meet and it can be worth the entertainment that comes along with it.


    1. LMAOOOO @ the site owners sending the messages. That was hilarious. Nah, I don’t think that is the case. I am pretty frugal and I don’t like to waste my money. So, that is why, I am like…pay? Puhlease, lol. I would hate to pay and I hear a bunch of voices, that do not sound the least bit appealing. Hmm…what if I found a cutie, though? lol. It is cheaper than actually going out, to meet someone. I can screen them from my couch, lol.


  2. I probably wouldn’t pay. First, I don’t like giving my credit card info to random sites. Next thing you know they’ll just keep billing you without your permission. Second, if the site can’t make money on ads then maybe I don’t even want to be there.

    There’s a ton of free sites, so why pay.

    Lol@Tia saying people that work there are leaving messages.


  3. You know what’s so funny about this?Bacc in the 90’s before the Internet was known,there had like 4 main chat lines for the city and tri-state area.The call was a loal one so it wasn’t expensive.You call in,set up a profile and leav messages after you check out other’s profiles.

    Not sure if you’re old enough to know about that BK Lesbian.I’m 29.If you’re over 25,you should know about it as long as you’re from the city(NY).


    1. Yes, those are the ones I am talking about. I remember those lines and they were free. This line that I just called is the same concept. The ones back in the day had chatrooms though.I decided I wasn’t going to pay. The people I have been hearing are not sounding very enticing.


      1. Lmao yea you know what you talking about.They were free too bacc then.They had chatrooms I remember now that you mentioned it.Dudes used to be blowing in the phone to be assholes lmao.That was the good old 90’s.You remember any of the names of the main 3-4 they had back then?I can’t remember for shit.


        1. I do not remember the name of the chat lines. All I know, is it stopped working. I think I had to call from a land line and they it didn’t work at all. Oh, I remember the assholes that used to blow and sing in the room. They used to hold whole rooms down with their wanna be dj shit. LOL, I met quite a few girls from that line, lol. Oh, the stories, I have from that line, lol.


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