Two 10-year-old Houston boys charged in sex assault on 8-year-old on school bus

Two 10-year-old boys in Houston are facing up to 40 years in prison for sexually assaulting an 8-year-old boy aboard a school bus in August, police said.

A security video from Aug. 25 caught the two boys pulling their pants down and forcing the younger boy to perform sex acts on them, police told the Houston Chronicle. All three boys are special needs children in the Houston Independent School District. Their names were not released because they are minors, police said.

The two suspects were arrested last week.

The victim’s mother told the Chronicle that she remembers her son coming home from Thompson Elementary School without his belt on or with his pants unbuttoned. But she didn’t think twice about it until cops called her in late August and said the boy had been molested.

“He has a hard time sleeping,” the mother, who was not identified, told the newspaper. “He’s just been having a hard time. He cries a lot.”The mother said she has pulled the boy from school.

Juvenile defense attorney Bill Hawkins told the Chronicle that the charges against children so young were “exceedingly unusual.” If convicted of aggravated sexual assault of a minor, the boys could face up to 40 years in prison. However, a court could also decide on a lesser punishment for the boys, including no jail time. Authorities discovered the shocking incident after an unidentified parent, who is not related to the assault case, asked district officials to review conditions on the bus on Aug. 30. School district officials said they spotted the sex acts while reviewing security footage and called Child Protective services.

Houston police spokesman Kese Smith said the investigation took several months because juveniles were involved.

One of the accused boy’s mothers, also not identified, said she didn’t believe her son was involved because he knows the difference between right and wrong. “I don’t know what went on on that bus, but I don’t believe that went on,” she told the Chronicle. {She needs to wake the eff up}

I am so scared of the world we live in. Are you not? 

What the hell? They MADE that boy go down on them? Society is overly “sexualized.” Can you imagine how traumatized that 8-year-old must be? 

Bullying has taken a turn for the worst. I remember when bullying was pretty much laughing at people and making fun of their clothes/looks etc. Now, it is beating kids to a pulp and making them give you head? 

Chime in…


  1. Kids are just exposed to too much. if they have older siblings they learn even faster. It is up to the parents (no matter what the sex) to make sure they know what their kids are reading, watching, surfing. Too many parents allow their small kids (boys especially) to watch rated R movies and expect them not to know what sex is. Boys are hard wired to be turned on for some reason. My nephew like the calendar his dad had up because of the girls boobs. He was 4 when he said ‘That is so cool dad” The dad asked why? The boy said “cause she got big boobs” Which just means he overheard too much or is just hard wired for it. Either way parents need to be more responsible. Not saying it would never happen again, but it may cut it down a bit.


  2. She didn’t believe it, huh, like video lies? That smacks of cluelessness on her part or she never really got into raising her kid. I agree that boys, regardless of their “specialness” need a father and someone who’s gonna guide him properly but, if such a man is also disinvested in his son, then he serves no purpose at all.

    I disagree with Valentina; they didn’t necessary have to be victims to do something like this. I don’t know if you have children but that they did this isn’t all that unusual – that they did it on a bus is, though. It’s about environmental conditions and bad parenting All it takes is for one kid to say to the other, “Hey, let’s make Gene suck our dicks!” And it’ll be on, mentally impaired or not. Some parents are “stupid;” you think that because you teach them the old right and wrong stuff that they’re actually going to follow the rules… until you find out differently. What we, as parents, don’t know is whatever’s happening with our kids when they are out of our sight, like when they’re at school, out playing with their friends, stuff like that.

    So even if you’re a good parent and have that male at home doing some good fathering, shit like this can happen just the same. My kids thought I was the worst motherfucker on the planet because I stayed in their asses about where they went, who they hung out with, what was being talked about; my daughter once told me to mind my own damned business (got her grounded for a month, too!) but what we have to get in their minds early on is that until they turn 18, they ARE our business because, ultimately, WE are responsible for their actions.

    Once upon a time, kids could do shit and get away with it – and the parent(s) had to pay the price for their misdeeds. Today, that shit ain’t flying; they do the crime, they just might do the time…


    1. Yea, once upon a time, ain’t today. I agree, this kind of thing can happen even if a father is present.

      Yep, one kid can get this kind of thing going. I know I may seem a little much, but I have already talked to my kids about this kind of thing. All I can do is try. I can just talk to them and warn them about certain things. I don’t want my kids just be clueless. I am actually about to change my work schedule, so I can pick my daughter up. I am not feeling the bus. Well, she has a matron now, so I am seeing. I don’t want her in the back of the bus, she thinks I am crazy. I am not stupid, I know kids do all kinda shit, when no one is looking. So, I have told the driver and the matron where I want her to sit. That is small potatoes though, because the reality is, I just can’t always be there to watch.


  3. I hate seeing clueless mothers on TV talking about how their son couldn’t have done such a thing.

    Those two 10 year-olds need to be evaluated to see if one or both has been molested in the past. Usually kids don’t do this sort of thing unless they’re victims of it.


        1. Well, no mom would cosign that either.

          LMAO @ the women are wack. Well, we just tied the two in right here. Maybe some women think some men are wack because they are not there for their children?

          For the record again, I don’t think all men are wack. Honestly, a bunch of men have never done shit to me. So, I really can’t get on the woo is me thing with men.


          1. Yes, I agree with no mom being ok with that either. As a boy, you need direction from a man on things in life. You can get that from your mom but it just won’t be the same. I know a few times when the guy straight up told the girl if she had the baby he would not be around. The girl had the baby anyway and then complained about the father. I’m not saying this is OK. Just be cautious of the guys you have kids with. I was always raised that having a kid should be planned out.


            1. Yes, having a kid should be planned out, but plans change. As cautious some maybe, they can still get caught up with a dead beat dad. AI don’t care if the woman has 10 kids, if they are here, regardless on wanting them or not, the dad should play his part out. Why should the man be able to just say “I don’t want it?” Nah, it doesn’t work that way. He needs to take responsibility for his penis and his actions.

              Plus an abortion isn’t getting a shot. It is a procedure and no woman should have to get one, if she doesn’t want one.


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