I got another text….

She sent me a text  saying “Stay-Tyrese.”

I heard the song once; I do not know the words.

Lets take a listen together — Shall we? I must drag someone else into the foolishness. I pick  all of you, teehee.

This song came out after we broke up, so we have no “history” to the song. I am already assuming this song is about someone staying with someone else. I am thinking this song has no relevance — we are NOT together.

She was sending songs that we actually heard together before. Now, she is sending me new shit. What can I do? Blog about it and laugh/or not with you folks.

I am really hoping she finds my blog. Stop the nonsense. My blog was found before and I was cursed out. Whatever. I am not liar, so the truth can’t be that damn bad. 


  1. I actually think dedicating songs and having a song is nice. Certain songs can definitely make you think of a special someone. So, to be clear, I think that is nice. But, in her situation, she has not communication skills. So, it is just annoying and corny.


  2. Wooing someone with a song? Wow, we used to do that when I was a teenager! For some of us, we just didn’t have the words to say what was necessary – so we broke out the 45’s and let the love songs of the late 60’s – early 70’s do the talking for us.

    Amazing to see someone doing it in 2012…


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