What’s Cooking?

… Apparently — not a thing.

Why is it that so many adults CAN NOT cook? I am not getting it at all. I know that everyone isn’t going to be Emeril — but nothing? Just Ramen Noodles all the time?

I have spoken to 3 different women over a few months and they said they don’t know how to cook. Or, they just don’t cook. I understand not cooking because of time issues. I don’t understand “I do not know how to cook.” Sorry, I don’t folks.

Remember Willis?

Then I met a woman who ate Mommy’s cooking every single day. No, she didn’t live with mom-dukes. She drove to Mommy’s house every day before/after work, to pick up a packed lunch. Mommy made all her meals. Some days she didn’t even know what her mom packed. I think she liked to be surprised by her brown bag’s contents.

Now, I am not hating on that at all. If I could pick up home cooked meals to go, I would too. But, she did not KNOW how to cook. She said she needed a woman who can cook. Okay, I feel her on that a bit too. If you don’t know how to do something, it would be wise to find someone who did, right? But, why doesn’t she know HOW to cook shit?

I started to think about my deal breakers. I usually don’t have a long list of deal breakers, because everyone is different. Plus, if you like/love the person enough, things will be over looked. I need someone who is domestic. I am corny enough for that to be a major turn on. You want to get me in the mood? Wash the dishes and sweep the floor.

Being domestic includes cooking. I do not need you to be on the next episode of Top Chef– but, a decent plate of food? I can do it. I never ask for anything that I can’t offer. Don’t you hate when someone has a laundry list of things they want and they have NOTHING on that list. Please, this ain’t make a wish. Have a seat.

I am talking about grown men too. Some people can’t even turn the stove on.

What is going on here?

Have you folks seen a lot of this too?

Is this a deal breaker for you?



  1. Wow, this is a tough one. I know how to cook so I wouldn’t need a women that could. I would want her to at least want to learn how to make a few of my favorite things. If she had no interest in cooking at all, then I would have to just charge her to the game.


  2. One of the things my father told me when I was a lad was, “Boy, you’d better learn how to cook and don’t depend on some woman to cook for you!” I understood what he meant by that both literally and figuratively… because some women I’ve met in my life can’t boil water. I took his advice to heart and learned how to cook Emeril-style. I also hung around my mother and grandmothers as they cooked and, yeah, even learned some stuff from my father, who also went to school to learn how to cook (practiced what he preached).

    It’s a skill that’s no longer taught in the home, I think; I mean, I taught my kids how to cook – after passing Dad’s gem of wisdom down to them because this is one of the vital skills they had to learn before leaving the nest on their own.

    Some men never learn how to cook because they either expect a woman to do it for them or they think it’s gay or something even though the best chefs in the world are predominantly men so it’s not a girl-thing to do, is it? I think some women don’t bother because they were being lazy, didn’t have anyone to teach them the basics, or they figure that, hey, that domesticated shit ain’t for me – I’ll just make that nigga take me out someplace nice and his ass is on his own ’cause I don’t cook!

    Ya might not want to enroll at the CIA or the FCI… but knowing how to cook even the simplest of things is a necessary survival skill. Life gets hectic and, yeah, there are times when it’s easier to go to McDonald’s than it is to break out the cookware and whip something up – but that should be the exception and not the rule.


    1. Eating out is definitely the exception for me. When I lived @ home, I didn’t cook much. I knew how, but my grandmother is the most annoying person to cook around or to cook for. She basically only eats her food to this day. She does not eat out and rarely eats from anyone else. Once in a while she will accept a meal, but she will find a fault with it. “Oh, you didn’t use green peppers? Is that how you cut onions?” So, really, when you are at her house, it is better to just eat what she makes. She is a damn good cook, so that isn’t hard to do. But, I watched. She made me help. So, I knew what to do.

      To think cooking was gay or girly is insane. I guess starving is the shit.


  3. “You want to get me in the mood? Wash the dishes and sweep the floor.”


    Well when my gf and I met I couldn’t cook to save my life! I had one or two things I could make but I was very limited. Fortunately my gf showed me how to cook and now I’m pretty good at it.

    I guess it would have been a major problem if she hadn’t been able to cook. It would have been the blind leading the blind.


  4. It’s not a deal breaker…but I would love someone who knew how to cook. So I won’t have to all the time. I’m tired and I would love a home cooked meal that I didn’t have to do myself.

    Question: Has any of these women asked to be taught?

    if not…. *screams* NNNEEEEXXXXXTTTTTT!!!


  5. Heard what Kdaddy23 said? Not liking to cook or not wanting to cook is cool. But I think it’s imperative that a person (male or female, single or committed) knows how to light up the stove and prepare a delicious, healthy meal. I don’t think they need to go all Culinary School grad on you but at least have about 5 recipes as a part of their cooking repertoire. I recently went on a trip and left my hubby home alone for 2 days and he’s been eating Ramen noodles the entire time. My mission is to get him cooking because that ish just won’t fly.


  6. This killed me: “You want to get me in the mood? Wash the dishes and sweep the floor.”
    I looove cooking. I don’t mind doing the majority of the cooking, but my partner needs to be able to cook. And there needs to be a dish or two that she can throw dowwwnnn.
    My lady knows how to cook. Sometimes, she gets a bit too experimental for me (lol), but I usually enjoy meals she prepares. Good thing too, because lately I’ve been getting home pretty late, so she’s taken over.


  7. My sister cannot cook. My mom and dad both cook. I am a good cook but she never cared about it. Her husband can cook, so thank goodness they will not starve! Hahaha. My husband can cook, but his mom catered for a bit. It is nice when both people in the relationship can cook cause it makes life so much easier 🙂


  8. It shouldn’t be “why adults can’t cook”,but Americans.American women cannot cook lmao.In the Caribbean,girls as young as 12 can cook dinner for the entire family.I can’t cook for shit(thanks for America’s fast food culture),but when I first came back to the islands in ’03,I was a laughing stock of my family for not bing able to cook lmao.All my uncles can chef up.Only difference is they never lived in America or their asses would be in my boat(can’t cook for shit).


    1. Not all of ’em! I’m from The Bahamas (arguably a part of the Caribbean – LOL), and I didn’t learn to cook until I left home and went away to school. I was being catered to in every way. I learned to do laundry on the phone with my dad at the age of 19. Lol.
      My nieces are 15 and 12, and they are not yet cooking. Their mothers take care of it.


      1. My daughters are 3 and 5 and I think it may be time to get the ball rolling. They help me now actually. They are always asking to help and standing on the chair to watch. I usually want to do it and get it over with myself though. But, I give them seasonings to add to the meat, they throw the garbage away, mix cake batter etc. I think I am going to let them do more. I wonder what kinda “knife” I could get that won’t cut them. They really want to cut veggies. I think it is dangerous, but maybe there is a way?


        1. NO! No cutting veggies!
          I think mixing things is fine. They definitely need close supervision near heat sources. I think it’s nice to let them help with getting things out of the cupboards. After a while, they’ll remember what you need to prepare certain dishes, and will be able to do more without being told. Measuring too. It’s safe and easy.


          1. Okay, you are right. I did think it was dangerous, lol. Maybe tomatoes with a plastic knife? I just skipped the whole knife thing. I let them season the food for me this weekend. I made some Creole style black eyed peas, Balsamic Chicken and yellow rice. It was yummy. The kids put the ingredients in for me.


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