She sent pics of my kids to a stranger…

My friend was really buggin’ (Brooklyn talk) with that girl she had never laid eyes on.

She was wide open; they eventually met.

She watched my daughters for me one evening. She loves kids and didn’t want to come out; she would rather watch the kids. My mom was going to watch them, but that was even easier.

She was on the phone with that woman for the whole night probably. That was fine — whatever. So, obviously this woman knows something about me and my kids. She had to tell her where she was etc. Again — Whatever.

Well, like a month later she told me, she sent the woman a bunch of pictures of my children. I was pissed —  who would do that? She did not tell me right away. She knew was going to be upset. She said she was going to tell me, but it slipped her mind or some shit. I wanted to know WHY she would send pictures of MY children out to anyone. She said it was an accident, she meant to send her a picture of herself. She accidentally sent a whole bunch of pictures at once. She “didn’t even know how that happened and couldn’t even do it again, if she tried.” I guess her phone was just working itself. Mhmmm, Chile.

Again, I was pissed. I’ve met women online and NEVER sent a picture of my kids. They just need to know I am a mom. I asked “WHY would you send their pictures to a complete stranger?!” She said “Don’t say that, she isn’t a stranger.” HUH? I told her “she is a complete stranger to ME. Who she is to you, is on you.” She apologized and said she didn’t do it on purpose, but she just wanted to tell me. Other people told her she played herself and she decided to tell me, I guess. I told her it was not cool. I wouldn’t put MY kids out there like that.

There wasn’t much I could do. The picture was sent. I no longer trust her judgment. As a grown ass woman, she should know better. To me, you don’t even need to have kids to know better. I told her I was upset, but there was nothing I could do.

We get off the phone.

She calls be back a few minutes later.

She spoke to the girl and told her what happened. She said the girl “agreed with me and would be upset too.” The girl obviously feels some kinda way about pictures. She hadn’t even sent one to my friend in 3 months. She never-ever sent a picture of her child either. To me, my friend, looked like a fucking-nut doing this mess. I asked her why did she feel the need to send pictures of everyone she knew, when the woman had not sent ONE! Oh, and get this, she says “I can give you her number, if you still feel upset. She is a really great girl. She has a kid and she completely understands were you are coming from. She told me she deleted the pictures as SOON as she received the pictures.”

Why on earth would I call this woman? What would I say? She didn’t do anything to me. I had nothing against her, she was probably wondering why my friend sent her the pictures in the first place.

I told my friend “NO” to the calling thing.

She goes on to tell me the girl loves kids. Apparently, my friend was making plans to have all the kids hang out. The woman has nieces that are close to my children’s age or some shit. Her child is actually a pre-teen. My friend goes further “I think it would be great if they all hung out, they are so adorable.” I asked her if she saw the kids. Her answer “No, they sound so cute though, I always hear them in the background.”



  1. Sent your children’s picture?!! I could imagine why you’re upset because if I had kids I would have been livid if someone had done that. She ought to have been more careful when sending out what she thinks are her pic(s). And to make matters worse, she’s suggesting that your kids hang out with the “stranger’s” relatives? HA!!!! I don’t want to laugh but this is pretty serious. Careful now.


  2. Homegirl has serious issues. What the hell?!
    I don’t have children, but I am super sensitive about exposing them to people and things.
    My cousin had a baby in 2010, and I was SUPER excited. I took LOTS of pictures. I wanted to show him off so much, but didn’t dare. When he was a few months old, I asked her if it was okay to post one or two pictures on Facebook. She said, “Oh, yeah! Sure!” I was so happy to get her permission. I would have never done it without her consent.


  3. lmao@ “No, they sound so cute though, I always hear them in the background”…..but how she know if the girl is sane???? The girl hasn’t sent a pic and they haven’t met…it seems like this mystery girl is hiding something…she’s probably on house arrest..or probably a 500 lb woman with missing teeth and crusty toes…

    I agree, why would you send pics of children to some stranger…and if a complete stranger is eager to see what they look like, can we say pedophile?…of courrrseee the girl would say she deleted them…because it sounds crazy and strange..I think some lesbians are too trusting…I don’t think anyone should trust people around their children when they first meet a person, male or female…and like you said..all they need to know is that you have children..nuff said.. I have met people online, and screw wanting a pic. Technology is too advanced today to trust a photo posted or sent by someone you dont know..they better get on a webcam that doesn’t move slow …and when we get on cam, if they still look something like their picture I will give them my number….smh I hope she gets better with that carelessness


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