Why do women play so much?

Women are funny.

I am speaking to a woman; I have not met her or anything yet. I met her on a site last week and we have sent messages back and forth. I am bad at keeping up with sites that I don’t check daily. I asked her if she was on Facebook and she should add me. Plus, I wanted to see more pictures. Today she sent me a message on FB. I didn’t respond right away, because I wasn’t online. She sent me another message saying she was at work bored, so sorry if she was bothering me. She also gave me her number to text her, I guess to keep her company at work.  She wasn’t bothering me at all. I didn’t even know she had sent me a message. I told her it was cool and it wasn’t a bother. I sent her a text and we went back a forth a few times. Then, she sent me a text saying she was getting on the train and if I “wasn’t afraid,” I could call her in the next hour.

Okay, why do women play so much? She couldn’t just ask me to call her? Or, ask if it was okay to call me? Why did I have to be afraid? Geez.  I didn’t call. I am not falling for that one again. Remember when I was trying to prove that I was really a woman to that loon? I am not going to prove — I am not afraid.

I would have just said after some texting “Can I call you?” Yes, Ima Boss (Rick Ross voice) like that, lol. She will either say yes or something else — anything other than a yes, is a NO. Right?

Let me show you how I am right — Shall we?

I didn’t respond to the “afraid to call thing.” After some more texting, she said “You know you can call me right?” Yep, I was clear. I wrote “Yes, you told me, if I wasn’t scared, lmao.” Yes, I had to let her know, I thought that was hilarious.

Then she goes: “Lmao. Well, I guess you are. I am sorry if I made you scared.” Really? Didn’t I tell yall I was a BOSS? Haaaa.

I go: “You’re funny. Nah, I am not scared. Just doing a few other things too.” What was I doing? Watching T.V. and writing this blog.

She goes: “Me 2. But, I’ll multi task just for you. How about that?” How about what? I already decided, I wasn’t going for the Okey-Doke.

We texted some more and she ended it with: “Feel free to hit me up tomorrow, or if you get over your fear, maybe you can call.”

I go: “OK Hun. I’ll talk to you tomorrow.”

Do you see how anything that is NOT a yes, is a NO? Why did that interaction annoy me a bit? Why couldn’t she just be a boss like me and just ask if she could call? I am cracking my boss-self up right now.

We shall see what is up with this woman. She lives in my neighborhood and it could be something? * Shrugs Shoulders* I remember the last woman I met because she was close by.

Yea, that did not turn out so hot.


  1. And women talk about the insane shit men do? This is kinda funny in a way because you get the impression that how lesbians deal with each other is different than other relationships… but I’m learning this might not be the case! I really need to “sit down” with a lesbian and have a serious conversation with her about such things…


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