Foolishness Of The Day

I love my people.

Oh, I love them so.

I just wanted to slap them out of the view of the camera. Maybe even a drop kick.

You see how the Anchor was laughing at them? That girl was just out of this world.  I really hope the babies don’t get ammonia either. That would be pretty dangerous, no? That boy said “We been getting shoes.” What? I would hope “you been getting shoes.” You would look a mess walking around Houston barefoot.


Grown ups are really waiting their asses in line to get shoes that have come out like 3 times in their lives? They need to be ashamed of themselves.

Some people had them 3 times already.

 I hope you guys got in line extra early. 

{Hi, Sarcasm}


  1. OhEm Jesus!! ammonia?! Get money boys?! Wow!!!! all I could do was shake my head.

    My son got a pair of Jordans that look like that, and I bought those 2 years ago…. I’m a little confused.


  2. I am confused too. I had those years ago. The 90’s? I dunno, but they are OLD. So, I am not getting the big deal. Back then, I wore them too and they had never been out before. Shoot, Jordan was still playing. Now, what is the hype about?


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