Some people talk toooooo much…


When you start to date someone new, how much do you tell them right away? Do you tell them the business of your friends and family as well? I mean months of dating — like 2 months. Will you be like, “Oh, my cousin is a big fat hoe!”…”Giiiirrrl, My father cheats on my mother every 2nd Tuesday.”… “You know my aunt’s son isn’t by my uncle, right?”…”I know that is my best friend and everything, but let me tell you all the shit she has told me over 20 years.” “She wears panties under her boxers.” “Oh, she told me she lets her gf fist her — in the ass.”

I always wonder why people do that shit. They barely know anything about this person yet, but they are blabbing everyone’s business. I mean little shit may come up, if they happen to spend some time around each other. But, to be airing people’s shit to the new p*ssy? No Bueno!

What makes it worst is the new person knows everything about you, but you don’t know shit about them! Oh, I don’t even want to meet their ass now. No, they did nothing wrong to me, they may be really great people, but I feel I am at a disadvantage. Wouldn’t you? Now, after they told the newbie all the secret-dirts, they want to bring them to Sunday dinner.

Nah, keep your new confidant at your house — ’cause you talk too much!

What do you folks think?


  1. I can mos def dig what your saying… I’ve made that mistake before.

    I learned that people will figure people out on their own. No need to share their business


  2. Well, sometimes in that situation, the best thing to do is listen because while they might be talking about other people, they’re really giving you a good look at THEM. Whoever it is they’re talking about in this manner isn’t important – that they have these thoughts is.


  3. Lol@the first paragraph!

    If I meet someone who spills all their personal business and friends and family’s personal biz then I know that if they ever get hold of any of my business they’re going to spread that too.

    As for me; I don’t share much with anyone until I get to know them over a long period of time. Otherwise if you share stuff with the wrong person it can come back to haunt you.


  4. I’ve a theory that when we first meet someone & begin to vibe with them, we are never our TRUE selves. Not really. We send in our better looking, better dressed, more polite, cooler, more suave ambassador to rep us. They know how to charm & disarm, & they know how much to say as well as what NOT to say. They are like our inner Billy Dee ( ummm…he’s one of MY personal reps, anyway).

    The real YOU doesn’t usually appear until the 3rd or 4th date, or at least not until AFTER we’ve gotten the draws. LOL.



  5. Like yourself, I too wonder why someone would intentionally pass along another person’s business like it’s nothing, at all. Especially to someone who, like you stated, the person hardly even knows.

    Now, after they told the newbie all the secret-dirts, they want to bring them to Sunday dinner.

    RIGHT. Hahahahaha.


  6. I believe in tit for tat … I tell you a little something and you tell me a little something … just make sure that you’re little something doesn’t spill any stink that’ll make me run for the hills. It’s rude to me for someone to spill their secrets too early in the game. What am I to say about fisting up the ass except to be aghast then probably “lol” as a nervous reaction. Then depending on who is receiving the fist (and how often) I’ll start wondering about incontinence problems when they get older. That’s just how my noodle works.

    Now I’m not saying that’s fisting is wrong … to each his/her own. But too much of a good thing … well you know the rest 🙂


  7. Lmao what do I think?Pretty damn hilarious post.

    On a serious note,I think it comes down to trying to force a bond with the other,via ‘opening up’.I don’t think the person who talks too much has malicious intentions.They’re just tryna force a bond,but going about it the wrong way.


  8. I’ve never thought about this before, but I must admit that you have a point. When I think back on past relationships, I realize that had I used this as a marker, I would’ve known it wouldn’t last. I never shared intimate things with people who weren’t going to be around for very long. But the husband? I was telling him family secrets right after we met. I’d never done that before. I feel lucky it worked out. And also that he’s not a judgemental person.
    So you really never shre things with a new person? Never?


    1. I don’t share much with the new person when it comes to my family. Or really private things about myself for that matter. I just don’t think I should be talking about my family with a new person. If they stay around long enough they will get to know these people and will find out some of these things on their own.


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