I put myself in the HOTSEAT

I wrote about an ex of mine here before. She was the one I was talking about her here too.


She is still texting me; it is a bit ridiculous.

She still texts me all the time. I mean all the time. For the past few months, I have been getting weekly texts. They say stuff like she misses me/us, remembers this and that, happy Thanksgiving/Christmas/New Years etc.

I got a text on New Years about 15 minutes before midnight, then my bell rang around midnight. I wondered if it was her — I did not even get up from the couch. My kids were up watching the ball drop and they love visitors. They kept on telling me the bell was ringing — like I was deaf. She had already sent me texts, telling me she was going to be in town and she was cooking curry shrimp.  I used to cook curry shrimp for her all the time; it became her favorite dish. She now makes it herself and she had to text me to tell me — I still make it the best. If she was telling the truth, she may very well be in Brooklyn. I doubt it was her though.

Let us Remember, in the past 7 months, I have not responded to any texts. So, it is awfully weird that she is still texting me. She made up another FB name to talk to me. I blocked both names. Oh and a dish of curry shrimp was her profile picture. Lawd. My sister thinks she does not have any friends or people close to her. I think she does have friends, well, that is what her lying-ass said, teehee. I do not believe she is telling anyone she is doing this mess. I think anyone would tell her to STOP IT NOW. Would you tell your friend to stop?

Okay, so now onto the HOT SEAT.

I went on Downelink the other day. Yes, ancient. I always forget about that site. I have been on there since 2004 and I never met anyone. I just never paid it much attention. I was never consistent with the site. Maybe it is because the women always seem so damn illiterate and ghetto. I dunno. But, every once in a blue, I see what is going on. Actually, prior to this year, I didn’t check it for years. My sign in email is an AOL account, lol, so you know!

When I broke up with this girl, I decided to check it out. She actually reminded me of the site; she told me she was on there. It was the same old thing and I left it alone again. Well, someone brought up Downelink on Facebook the other day and I checked it out again. I had friend requests, messages and comments. I decided to go through it. I got a message from her and it said something about, she knows she needed to stop, but she wanted to see me again one day. This was a message from August.

Nosey me, decides to check her page out. I know, I know. This damn internet! My grandmother used to say it is the devil. She might be right. As I read what she has going on, I think she is more crazy, lol.

Her about me section was nuts. You know how you do the circle thing by your temple with your finger? Yea, that thing. C.R.A.Z.Y.

She explains what her name means. Talkin’ bout’ it is the name of a street that a woman she once loved lived on. That woman broke her heart. That street is in Brooklyn and I am assuming her EX lived on that street. The girl was from that neighborhood. Really, that is what is in your about me section? Can you say victim?

Then she goes on to say she likes music and “Tank got some serious jams that a great woman put me on to and if I ever crossed her path again I would make her my wife.” I put her on to that album. Tank’s last album is good. Again, this is what is in the about me section. She just wrote about me and the girl before me — pretty much.

If I ran across her page, I would run for the hills from this woman. Baggage. Total Bag lady.

She had some “blogs” and a lot of that blog had to do with me. I am serious. My sister was at my house, so I decided to give her an update.We were in the kitchen yapping and I was cooking. I was reading my sister stuff from her page. Yep, I am such a girl, hehe. I was scrolling down to read her a good one. Good=Crazy.

I do not know what I did, but a box popped up talking about “HotList.” I was like “what is this?!” She had not been on Downelink in ages either. The site is totally new. I have no idea what is going on. I wasn’t really trying to learn shit. I was just sticking to the basics. She was telling me to just click the “X.” I didn’t want to touch anything yet. I told her  “wait, I need to read first.”

I figured out what the fuck a “Hotlist” was! It meant I thought she was HOT! I added her to my stupid-ass hot list! OMG! I was like I “gotta remove this!” Now, I was looking in the help section and shit. Ugh! We both looked at each other and cracked up. But, it was NOT funny.  Why the hell was Downelink so hard to get around now? They had some point shit going on. You can earn badges and dumb-shit. Soooooo, I figured it out. You have to earn points or badges or some other dumb-ass shit to see your hot list. I had no points. You also can not remove someone from the list. It is for LIFE. Life, I tell ya! That is dumb. What if you changed your mind? What if the mofo got ugly?Now, I am stuck talkin’ bout’ “you look hot?”

I am now wondering, if I could delete it if I had enough points!? I dunno, I will probably never have points. Oh, you can buy points too. *___*

I also learned you can see who visits your page now! You need to earn points to do so! So, if this mofo got points, she is going to know, that I not only visited her page, but I now think she is HOT. Oh, the stress! You should have seen me. I was trying to be quiet, so I could realllllly concentrate on fixing this huge problem.

I know that one person thinks I am hot, but I have no points — so I can not see. Fuck it. It is probably her ass anyway, lol.

I was all frantic, talking about “having to delete” my page now. I just “HAVE TOO!” What are the other options!? There were NO MORE! Plus, she was on Downelink like every damn day. She was consistent with her stupid-ass blog. We figured she probably has an app, or alerts sent to her phone. I don’t get alerts because my email address was an AOL address. I don’t even remember shit about that email — much less get an alert. So, she probably knew right away about the dumb-shit I did. Then, I began to think, maybe she doesn’t have enough points to see shit yet, lol. She mentioned in her blog, that she thought it was dumb and she wanted to see who was VISITING her page. I am hoping that shit never happens. My sister thinks she has “mad points,” lol. I really hope my sister doesn’t know shit!

I didn’t delete my page. I figured, eff her! I barely go on the page, but if I want to, I don’t want to create a new page. I may rethink this though. 

My sister thinks I should preempt the situation with a — text. Preempting the situation would mean what? “Hey, I just added you to my hotlist and I do not think you are hot?!” Imagine the look on her face? I am not going to do that — that is stupid. I decided to just leave it alone.

What do you think? What would you do?


  1. Ahahahahahahhahahahahaa. Um. Sorry. *wipes away traces of laughter*
    That is MESSED. That friggin’ SUCKS if she actually gets updates like that.
    I would DEFINITELY delete the page. It just doesn’t make sense to keep it. It’s not like you wanna use it. If you ever decided to use it again, you would probably want it to be fresh anyway, right? And I am BIG on NOT ENGAGING and avoiding any communication with people like that. I HATE when people don’t get the message. I am really good at cutting people off, and leaving it that way. And I’m a firm believer in it.
    Man, I really hope she doesn’t have any points. LOL. But really… Now that I think of it, what would happen IF she got alerts? What IF she thinks you think she’s hot? What’s she gonna do? Text you more? Lol.


  2. ummmm..Well since I am an active downelinker lol…I can tell you that you have to actually pay money for a key to be able to view those who view your page..and to view those who think that you are hot…you can also buy a key to make yourself invisible (which means even if she has the key to see who has been looking at her page, and you have an invisible key, your picture will be blank and your name doesnt show.. so she wont know who the hell it is).. andddd you can buy another key to invisibly add people to your hot list…so she wont know that u think she is hot..for both keys it will cost you two bucks (they are 10 tokens a piece,you get 20 tokens for $2)….or you can just delete your page and she wont know shit, unless she has looked at it already (and they do send notifications to your cell & email)….


  3. ::bowing my head:::lls,dont judge me :/ … yes I do know a lot..only because I’m nosey lol…I had stopped dealing with this girl and she created a fake page and requested me…she would text me out the blue talking about something I posted and I’d be thinking “how did she know that???” …so i went through my friends list and found a page with no friends and assumed it was her and deleted her ass… i was curious to see who was stalking my page and bought the key…and her ass was viewing my page (using her real page) everyday starting on the day that I deleted that fake page…i dont know what the hell she was looking at because my page is private…anyway… back to what I was going to say…you do earn points by logging in, commenting on others post/pics, updating etc…but the points can only be used for getting badges,( they have this one badge that tells your friends how long you have been a member on downelink, which can be embarrassing >>>member since 2004<<<)..or to send an egift to someone (like a cupcake for their birthday)…basically the points are pointless…if you want the ispy stuff, you have to buy keys to unlock the features…


  4. lmao she probably doesnt know anything if she is as cheap as you think she is..the more you wait the more time she has to find out…but im sure if knew already, she would have been textin you stupid shit like..”yea so you still think im hot huh” …so hurry up and delete it lol


  5. I don’t know whether I should laugh about this or not. Oddly enough, I understand this situation, why it happens and all that. The fact that she’s an ex says a whole lot and, in a way, it’s kinda flattering that she still thinks you’re all that and a bag a chips – and despite whatever it was that made her an ex. This is one of those troublesome situations where if you keep ignoring her – not answering her texts – it’s gonna take a while before she just goes away; if you do send her one and telling her in a nice way to fuck off and leave you the hell alone – it’s over, biatch – then all you’re really doing is encouraging her to reply to such a message… and they’ll continue to show up.

    It is said that you never know how good something is until you no longer have it…


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