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A Marine Park Catholic church dedicated its Christmas display to a priest accused of sex abuse, drawing outrage from one of his his alleged victim’s family.

Msgr. Thomas Brady, 78, a retired pastor at Good Shepherd Church, was placed on administrative leave after he was charged in October with attempting a “criminal sex act” on two teenage boys – but officials at the church still dedicated their annual tree lighting to him and posted a sign in his honor in front of the church.

The sign, still posted Monday, says the tree lighting “is dedicated to Monsignor Thomas F. Brady for his Service to and Love for the People of Good Shepherd.”The dad of a then 13-year-old boy who accused Brady of molesting him in the church rectory said he was furious to see the display at the church, where his family are longtime parishioners and his son attends the parish school.

“That’s a slap in the face,” he said. “Take it down. That’s hurtful. You’re gaining support for Brady, but what about the victims?”

Many parishioners have backed Brady, who was pastor at the church for more than 20 years before retiring in 2009 and was also a chaplain for the Fire Department, and insisted the accusations couldn’t be true. The priest has suffered several strokes and is battling lung cancer.

The victim, now 14, who is still a student at Good Shepherd Parochial School, was shocked when he read the sign, according to his father. “He even asked me, ‘Dad, if this guy attacked me, why would they dedicate a tree to him?’” he said. “It’s outrageous.”

The sex abuse case is being handled by Staten Island prosecutors because Brady and Brooklyn District Attorney Charles Hynes have known each other for years. The family is pushing for a quick indictment. “I just want justice for my son,” he said.

Let me chime in first on this one…

First, I want to know why their son is still in that school. Why they are involved with that church in any way? I know everyone in the church or the Catholic religion didn’t molest peope, but I could not stand to even go back to that place. I would need to know how they dealt with the accusations. 

Second, why on earth are they still worshiping this man? Yes, I know he has not been found guilty — Yet. But, this is not the time to dedicate shit to the man. I don’t care what kind of disease or health problems he may have. My first thought was “God don’t like ugly and good for his ass.” I am one of those people who believe, once a child utters a word about abuse, everyone needs to take that serious. Everything is put on hold, until it is dealt with. No, you can not continue to teach if you are being investigated. No, you can not continue to be a pediatric doctor. No, you can not sit in here and lead the church on Sunday. And there is no way you are having shit dedicated to you! S-O-R-R-Y. Plus, I always believe the kids in most cases and every single time in these pastor cases. That is just me though. 

I do not care if you were the most noble person. I don’t care about what you have accomplished in this world. To me, if you are found guilty of harming a child, you are only seen to me as, a child molester. Nothing more. If  you are still going through the criminal process, I would remove all kids away from you, until the facts are proven. Either way, this man did not need to have anything dedicated to him. 

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  1. i knew Brady as my teacher in High School seminary. He was a great guy then. but something went horribly wrong. There is little doubt the accusations are true. and believed even by his priest friends. Despite all he may have accomplished, it was unconscionable to hurt that young man and his family again by dedicating anything to him now. Classic tin-eared catholic church hypocrisy. The Tom Brady I knew would never have stood for it!


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