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Love has turned sour for former S.C. Treasurer Thomas Ravenel and now he wants his $47,000 engagement ring back.

Apparently, this guy proposed marriage and it never happened. He wants his very expensive ring back.

Ravenel served a 10-month sentence after pleading guilty in a cocaine conspiracy. Federal prosecutors said Ravenel used and shared the drug with friends but did not actually sell it. He pleaded guilty to one count of conspiracy with intent to distribute.

The ring is described as 2.7-carat diamond that Ravenel purchased around July 2009 for about $38,050, after his prison term was over.  It guess, he kept some of that drug money, huh? 

Court papers describe the ring Color Grade F, Clarity Grade VS2, and that it was expanded by the addition of “high quality baguette diamonds.” The replacement value was set at $47,500, Ravenel’s filing said.

Should he get his ring or the value of the ring back?

What do you think?


  1. I remember this case. He got off pretty easy all things considered.

    … but we talking ’bout The Lord or Lordess of The Ring. Tough call. My point of view; if the union isn’t going to happen, give it back. If folks believe relationships have some monetary value then I may need to protect the 2, 3 hunid in my account with a prerelationship agreement.


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