ABC Time

I got this from Conchsaladesque.

A= Alarm set for – 5:40 and I finally get up @ 6ish.

B= Bedtime – I usually go to bed around 10. When I decide to stay up past 11, I feel it in the morning. I still punish myself sometimes.

C= Cake or pie – Cake. I am not big on pie, but I like Apple pie. It has to be reallly good though.

D= Drink of choice – Water.

E= Essential item you use everyday – Computer/tablet/laptop/phone, lol.

F= Favorite color – Gray and green have been my favorites for a while.

G= Goals – Yes, please! I won’t bore you with the list though.

H= Hometown – Brooklyn, New York.

I= Indulgences – Ice cream and Cab Rides

J= January or February – I guess, February. Only because it is closer to Spring.

K= Kids and Names – 2 girls.

L= Life is incomplete without? – Happiness, Appreciation & Love

M= Marriage date – Yall moving kinda quick! I need a lady first.

N= Number of siblings – 11. 5 sisters and 6 brothers.

O= Oranges or apples – I rather oranges but, I eat both.

P= Pet Peeves – I don’t like to actually see people spit. People not picking up their dog shit.

Q= Quantity or Quality – Quantity Beeches! Nah, who would really say quantity? Hood.Rich. I always want quality!

R= Reason to smile – My children’s antics. Their sweet kisses and love for me and each other. I love when they run to me, after not seeing me for the day. *Smiles*

Saying= Hush

T= Teams – NY everything. I really don’t watch sports too much though.

U= Unknown fact about me – I don’t feel safe in really large crowds,  like a parade.

V= Vegetable you don’t like – Beets.

W= Winter memory – A really big snow storm in High School. The snow was up to my waist. I was living on Long Island, so no one is going to plow the driveway. I just walked through making a big path. This had to be like 1996.

X= X-rays – Foot, I stepped on a needle and it broke in my toe. I think I did my chest too. I was having chest pains, thankfully, I was good to go.

Y= Your favorite food – I love shrimp and chicken the most.

Z= Zodiac Sign – Virgo.


  1. Whoooooa. A LOT of siblings!
    I friggin’ HATE seeing people spit too. Ugh.
    I never thought of cab rides as an indulgence, but you’re right. I was SPLURGING when I took cabs in Halifax. Hell. A lot of times, I WALKED home IN THE SNOW from the club. LOL.


  2. and its funny because one of my exes is friends with her too and told me that she could have sworn that she saw her spit in the vent when she was visiting her in the summer time…so when I saw it myself I knew I wasnt tripping…she is very nasty..a great friend but nasty as hell..and a couple of days before that she kept complaining about how her tub is always clogged and she doesnt understand why because she has locs so no hair should be in the drain…so me being the “Misster Fix it” person that I am, I told her that I would come take a look at it..the first thing i grabbed was the plunger…she was looking at me sideways like a plunger wouldnt solve the problem…I plunged for about a minute and a black and mild butt with the plastic tip floated up from the drain..after that the water was going down fine….i was like why the hell do you have a black and mild butt in your drain??!??..she was like girl I dont know how that got there..i was thinking “bitch you are the only one who lives here”..this should have been a sign that she did other nasty things…but yea I let her stay with me for about a week, and it was the worse thing ever..too much to type ..I never invite her to my house now..she keeps hinting out that she wants to visit since I moved but I just act like I don’t hear her…


  3. 11.5 sisters…hmmm…if I had a choice out of the 11.5 Id choooseeee
    ——-…its just a shame that I dont have that choice lol…yea spitting is gross…I just feel like if you have to spit do it where people arent walking, sitting,riding etc…

    I know alcohol makes us do some crazy things sometimes, but one of my friends asked me to go to a bar with her up the street from her house.. when we left the bar I guess she thought that I was toasted and wouldnt remember her doing the nastiest shit that i am about to share..shit i dont care how much I have had to drink Im still observant….the first thing she did was spit on the floor underneath the staring wheel…at first I thought I was seeing shit..and thought nahhhh she ain nasty like that…so then 2 min later she turns her head and spits in the back seat onto the floor…and in my head I was like WHAT THE FUCK???!?!? then I started thinking about those many nights that we double dated and I would ride in her back seat with my date…ugh…so then we stop at royal farms and she’s like I gotttaa EAAAT…she buys some fries and loads them with ketchup and bought a hotdog with mad mustard and she starts ranting about some chick who didnt give her any play at the bar (she believes everyone should want her) and ketchup and mustard was flying out of her mouth onto her gear shifting console…I felt like I was going to have an anxiety attack…then she had the shit all over her hands and mouth and was wiping it on her I snapped and I was like bitch why are you being so nasty? I am never riding in your car again..and she was like what?? Im like I saw you spit on the floor and now you are talking to me with your mouth full and spitting crumbs n shit in my direction…of course she denied doing it and said I was “tripping”..then we get back to her house and she continues to complain about the lack of attention that she received, then she bows her head and spits into the floor vent..and it looked like it had mucus in it because it hung from her lips for a few seconds…I was over it…I left and I refuse to ride with her now..I will drive my own damn car and tell her to meet me at our destination because I dont want her nasty ass in my shit..and I haven’t been over house to visit since its been cold because I know she has on the heat, and I don’t wanna be up in her house with her bacteria floating up from the vents…


    1. LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOO OMG, I am dying over here, you are such a virgo. Too funny @ bacteria floating from the vents. She would have grossed me out. Who would spit in their house or car? She would never-ever-ever be invited to my house. If she can be so disgusting, in her house/car, what would she do in mine? Shit on the floor? Eww!


  4. I have the same pet peeve. A long time ago I met a cute stud at a party. We were talking and everything was really nice. She asked if I wanted to go outside so we could hear each other talk better. So we went out. A few minutes after we were out there she spat! OMG. I mumbled something and just went back inside. I swear if whatever it is that’s in your mouth needs to be spat out then I couldn’t ever imagine kissing that person. Yuck.

    Wow, that’s a BIG fam you have.

    Cab rides are a nice little treat aren’t they.


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