I don’t want that pussy…

My new neighbor has a cat. If you know me, you would know, I do not like cats. I could not not live with a cat. They creep me out, they are just too slow and sneaky-acting.

Anyway, I know there is cat because, I saw him/her on my fire escape. Okay, fine. I figured they were just letting it get some air or exercise. Then the cat was just sitting outside of my window looking creepy — so, I threw Legos at it. I didn’t try to hit it or anything, I just wanted him go to his side. My daughter didn’t like that very much. One, she didn’t want me to hit the cat. I wasn’t going to do that though. Second, she felt I was wasting her Legos.  So, after 3 Legos, I decided that wasn’t such a good idea.

I left the cat alone.

Today, I open the curtains and I see loads of cat shit. I was NOT pleased. People in my building actually put things on their fire escape, nothing major, to block access. I have a suitcase-duffle bag thing out there and a small cooler.  I put them in garbage bags, to protect them from water.

Well, the cat has made my bag his toilet. It was FULL of shit. Shit that has been rained on, now there are pools of shit water on it. I decided to open the window to inspect. The cat lives out there. He had food and a crate on the fire escape.  So, he brings his ass to my side to shit, then goes to his clean side to live. I am not feeling it. I picked up the whole bag and threw it over.  It was just disgusting. I have to tell the Super, I feel bad about him having to pick it up.

So, I want to talk to the neighbor. They need to keep their fucking cat in their house. I have shit all in front of my window right now. I was trying to pitch the hard ones onto the ground — some were just too soft.

Am I overreacting?


  1. This was too funny…lmao@tossin the shit bag over & “trying to pitch the hard ones onto the ground”…ahhh I cant stop laughing…

    on a serious note I hate cats too…they are pointless..they dont alert you like a dog would, to let you know a crackhead or someone is trying to crawl through the window..they dont want to play with you…they pee and spray that stinky odor everywhere…and they treat your furniture like a scratching post…

    if they havent fixed the problem yet I would suggest going to home depot and buying cat repellent or shaking some cayenne pepper onto the fire escape…oh and they also hate the smell of citrus so try to find a citrus oil and mix it with some water in a spray bottle and spray the area everyday for a few days


  2. I hate cats too. As far as I’m concerned there are far too many hungry Koreans for there to be so many goddamned stray cats.

    Anyway, my wife and I have been married for almost 23 years and a few years back our youngest left for college. So here we are in this big ass house just she and I. One day not that long after I come home and find two cats staring at me. I wanted to kill of course, but PETA and my wife would have been in my shit seriously. The big cat gives me a wide berth, the little one scratches me whenever I’m within scratching distance. I’m afraid if I gave my wife an ultimatum……..she’d pick the cats.

    Did I tell you I hate cats?!?


  3. I dont think you are overreacting. Its your space and you dont want a cat or any other animal lounging on your shit. I say take a few photos of the cat and talk to its owners.


    1. I spoke to the super, he is going to talk to them. I don’t know the hours they keep, so he may see them before I do. I don’t have time to stalk. If I see them first, I will talk to them. I am hoping they speak English.


  4. Got a camera?. If it were me, I’d take a ton of pictures – as evidence.
    You might wind up on Judge Judy or somewhere those incriminating images could come in handy!

    Don’t let cats spoil your joy. At least they’re around helping to keep the RATS (or at least the mice) in check!

    You can also use this as a teaching moment for your daughter – showing her how to look for the bright side in ALL situations.

    Happy New Year


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