Women Lie about their kids…

They really do.

Don’t you guys hate women who like about having artificial insemination? Ugh, I do. I mean the ones that are lying. Why? That is the dumbest shit I have ever heard. These women really think someone believes the foolery? I don’t. *Hard Side-Eye*

I had an ex with a son, that was fine with me. She really didn’t raise her son, if you ask me. Her son was NO problem for us at all. I mean we could still go out, party, chill, or whatever else. She never even mentioned needing a sitter or anything. Her mom handled all of that. Her mom had always taken care of the son. She ended up living with her mom, but she had her own floor. It seemed like her son spent most of his time downstairs with the mom. Cool, what ever. I was younger then and I wasn’t really thinking “damn, she is a shitty-ass mother.”

We broke up eventually (this is a whole other post, remind me to write about her) and she entered into a 2 year relationship with another woman. Cool. I had not spoken to her in a long time. We touched bases every once in a blue. Some years later we ended up speaking again. I was living out-of-state, but I came back to NY to visit. I took her to dinner, to catch up. Everything went well. We were just platonic at this point.

We ended up talking all the time after that dinner. Just catching up etc. She was still cute too. She got a little thicker, but it fit her well. I told her “I see you are getting thick.” She just smiled. She was always pretty slim — a sexy slim. Now, she had some thighs going on and just a lil extra. Why do I feel like we made out in the car? LOL, I am not sure, but that could be accurate. It could be a totally different memory though.

When I went back home, we were still talking on the phone.  She started telling me that we should get back together. I wasn’t going to go there with her though. I didn’t trust her when we were together, so I damn sure wasn’t about to start dating her when I lived in a whole other state. I didn’t trust her when she was a 10 minute drive from my house.

One day, I heard a sound in her background, while on the phone. I asked her what the noise was — she said she didn’t hear anything. Okay. I knew I heard something, but I didn’t know what it was, so whatever. A few weeks later, I heard a baby cry, I asked her who that was — she told me her cousin’s  baby. Oh, okay.

I heard her and the baby again. I was thinking, her cousin’s baby sure is at her house a lot. Yea, right. She finally told me it was HER baby. Can you believe that ish? I was shocked. I did not know she had another baby. Who the eff lies about their own child? That explained the weight gain.

You try to get back with someone and forget to mention YOUR baby. I was like damn. I told yall, I never trusted that one. We broke up for that same damn reason. She probably figured, if I decided to get back with her, I lived out-of-state, so it would be some time before I came to NY again. She could put off telling me. Or, maybe she would hide the baby when I visited. You know, leave the baby at her moms for the whole time.

You know what else? The girl she was with for 2 years did not know she had a baby. They broke up and she had a baby. They still spoke and she never once mentioned her daughter. I kept on asking her WHY she didn’t tell the girl. She didn’t know how — the girl would be hurt. Um, possibly. Either way, that is not a secret. I told her she should tell her, she had no intentions on bringing up the matter. I would always ask if she told her yet. Yea, we kept speaking. It wasn’t my baby, so I wasn’t going to make it my problem. We did end up speaking less and less —  then eventually nothing at all.

She would still go to see her ex. She would take her car seat out of the car before visiting the ex girlfriend. She did that shit. every. time. The more she told me, the more I thought that ish cray, lol.

I have never seen her daughter in person, but she sent me pics. Her daughter was a beauty. Why would she lie? I don’t care what anyone had to say, I am not lying about my children. No way — no how. There is no one that knows me, that does not know I have children. If you live in my neighborhood, you probably never see me without them. It is what it is.

It doesn’t matter how your children came into this world, they are here and that is nothing to be ashamed of — in my opinion. If you are so ashamed about what you are doing, then why do it? I know lesbians can be hard on women with kids, but really it isn’t a big deal.


  1. I am not sure if this was supposed to be a funny post, but I was laughing! Especially “I have a memory that we made out in the car.. I could be wrong” hahaha! People are shady no doubt. Thank Goodness you knew she was not super truthful to begin with and did not fall back into THAT trap!


  2. I don’t get her. I mean there are certain things one can lie about, if you are so inclined, but a baby!? WTF. I guess she figured since you were living in another city you’d never find out?

    If a woman tells me one lie, especially in the beginning, I’m gone. Because you can be sure there are more to follow.

    This kind of stuff is why I am really slow to get involved with someone. Lies are hard to conceal over time.

    Great post!


  3. See, my thought has always been that if lesbians want to have children – but can’t afford in virto fertilization, um, well, there’s only one other way to get a baby other than adopting one (a very noble cause): Get a man to knock you up. Now, that does get interesting, doesn’t it, since a lot of lesbians would rather eat shit and die before letting a man inseminate them (or so we hear, anyway). It really does, and without offense, makes me wonder how a dyed-in-the-wool lesbian gets her head around having to deal with a real cock (assuming that y’all play with the fake ones a lot).

    So what is it; if you get a guy to take care of this for you, does it violate some unspoken “code” to never have sex with a man for any reason? Some lesbians – not all – see men as totally useless to them… except when they want to have children but can’t adopt and, again, the cost of in vitro can run into the tens of thousands of dollars. Unless I’m totally clueless, there’s no shame in this if being a mother is what your biological clock is telling you. Can’t be too hard to find a guy willing to do the job and without any further attachments, can it? But, I can also see what could be an issue: How many times will your “candidate” have to do you before a rabbit bites the big one? For those lesbians who have never had sex with a man, wow, this must really fucking suck – and I’m not joking about this, either.

    Can anyone shed some light on this? To me, the lie means nothing and more so if by telling it, you know the person couldn’t have possibly afforded in vitro but, I think this is about image, yes? Some lesbians rant and rave against men but, um, yeah, I want a baby, can’t afford to go to one of those clinics so, ah, okay, I got some dude to knock me up. Is the mantra of “no men allowed in here” that powerful that a lesbian has no other choice but to lie? Would the truth invalidate her lesbianism?

    Talk to me…


    1. LOL @ eat shit and die before letting a man inseminate them. That was funny, and very true. I think it is a hard decision for some to make. I say if you can afford to get inseminated through a procedure, then you should do it. If you can’t, then what? If you choose to sleep with a guy, don’t bother lying about it.

      It does kinda invalidate being a lesbian — to sleep with a guy for any reason. But, sometimes, there is a means to an end. W


      1. Well, yeah, that it’s a means to an end makes a difference, I would think; breaking “the rules” for a good cause – like being a mother. So, yeah, lying about where the kid came from – and especially if the little tyke looks like mom – doesn’t make any sense.

        I get that a lesbian probably wouldn’t be proud of doing it like that – but there’s nothing that can ace being a parent. A hard decision? I’d say that’s putting it mildly, huh? Just being curious, but which is the harder thing: The mental aspect or the physical one? Lesbians are so fascinating!


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