Not sitting on your lap…

Am I the only one who does not let the kiddies sit on Santa’s lap? We went to a Christmas party the other day and I told my kids to just wave to Santa. They could shake his hand, if they wanted as well. When the clown came out, I told them not to hug him or the reindeer. They said okay and they were cool with it.

I do the same thing for Chuck E Cheese and all other characters too.

If I know the person under the costume, that is different. A random man? Nah, I don’t care what he has on. We do not go hugging and sitting on people that we do not know. Plus, some of them can seem a little creepy. Don’t ya think?

When the kids run to hug them, their heads are dead smack in their balls. Yea, I am not into that at all. I even let the people getting on the bus, get off the steps, before I let the kids walk up. I don’t like when their asses are in my children’s’ faces. They are small, so they would be stuck right behind someone’s butt. I am always making sure they are not put in that position. I

What is your take on it?


  1. Kids sitting on the laps of strangers is a no go. Santa suit. clown suit…it does not matter. It’s just strange all the way around.


  2. This was kind of funny as well. The way you put things has me hysterical on a pretty serious issue. The stair thing and people’s butt in faces is a good thing. Depending on what step the person is on the butt can even make it to an adult level. SICK! I think you are fine for just letting your kids wave or high five. Hugging is pretty personal and they need to know it is okay not to hug people. Good Job Mom!


  3. I agree with you. For the reasons you stated, and also so that children understand boundaries, and the difference between friends & family and strangers. We try to teach children not to engage (or be engaged by) strangers, but then we shove them on the laps of big men with white beards, and let them hug and be lifted by strangers in costumes. NOT okay.


    1. @ Lovely, it is hard to balance it all. Strangers say hi to my kids in the street, they say hi back. I don’t know how to draw the line sometimes, with being rude and being polite. Should they not talk to anyone? If they think it is okay to say hi when mommy is there, they may think it is okay to say hi when I am not there too. This parenting thing is serious business.

      Kids do not that they defense mechanism. They just go along with anything sometime.


  4. Here’s the thing that makes me scratch my head; people go to great lengths to avoid this kind of contact because, yeah, you never know… but a lot of these same people use pictures of their kids as their primary Facebook (or other social media) pictures, right out there in the open for the resident pedophiles to drool over. Now tell me that makes sense…


      1. Apparently. I know that if I were a parent of young children, I wouldn’t do it since it’s my responsibility to protect my young ones against such people wherever they might be – and they are everywhere. And that’s the whole point: If you are going to go to great lengths to protect your child from this, then fucking protect them in every damned way you can think of… like changing your primary social media picture to a picture of yourself.

        People don’t think about the fact that some pedophile have amazing technical skills and, with the right tools, THEY CAN FIND YOUR CHILD. Stupid people… you (not y’all) get so fucking tied up in protecting your own social identity but are willing to put your very vulnerable children out there for all to see? If you do have your kids’ picture as primary, think about all the perverts who have their dicks out and masturbating furiously and thinking about what they’d do to your kid if they could get to them – maybe that’ll change your thinking.


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