Internet dating gone wrong…

Kinda on the same note as coming on too strong…

I remember “meeting” a woman online. I responded to her ad and she wrote back like 2 weeks later. I completely forgot about responding in the first place. She wrote back telling me she was sorry she took so long to respond and some other stuff. I decided to send her a picture. I figured, I am going to forget all about the whole email thing. So, why waste time? Let me just send her a picture real quick and take it from there. If she was interested, she would get back to me. I am not sure why I am wasting weeks here. I am not saying we had to meet right away. But, I thought we should exchange pictures. I like to put a picture to the words. At the rate we were going, we would probably send 2 sentence emails for months. It took me like an additional week to even check that email. That isn’t my everyday email address, so it is not checked regularly. So, it was 3 weeks from the time I answered her ad.

I  found 3 good pics and hit send. I always like to receive more than one pic, you get a better idea of what you are dealing with, ya know?

I thought my nice gesture of sending first without being asked, would have been met with some kinda, I dunno, something. Well, this woman decided to curse me out. LOL. She sent me an email saying I was a man and a fake. I was so surprised — that had never happened to before. I have met women online in the past, ya know?

I asked her what was she talking about. She told me, I must be a man because I sent my pictures so quickly. I guess a woman wouldn’t do that? I have no idea what rock she crawled from. That is how it works. People talk, exchange pics, blah blah, then they meet if there is an interest. I am just saying.

I told her she was wrong. She went on and on about how she was right. Then she said I was on the site stealing people’s pictures. What? Why on earth would I do this? I was floored. She told me that my 3 pictures looked like 3 different people. LOL. I said “yea, you think so?” She was a mess. I had make up on in one picture, another picture no make up, and the last one was after I had a meeting, so I looked more professional. I still looked like ME. I showed the pics to a friend, and they agreed they all looked like ME. She told me I was a fake. I should have just clicked the “X” and moved on. But, nooooooooooo, not Me. I like foolishness, I guess. Plus, I like to make people feel stupid.

I told her I could prove that I wasn’t a man. She told me I couldn’t and blah blah blah. She was pretty much telling me I was full of shit. Because, if I was serious, I would have sent her my number. So, guess what I did? I sent her my job number. I told her my extension and waited. She called. When I heard the person ask for MY extension, I said, “So, do I sound like a man?” She was shocked. She was sure as hell, I would not answer or something equally stupid.

She was like “I am so sorry, it is just that men play a lot online.” Yea, yea, yea crazy lady. She said “you are pretty.” I asked if she thought so, then  why was she giving me such a hard time. She thought the pictures were fake. I told her she cursed me out though, lol. She asked for my cell. I decided to give it to her, yes,  I was bored as hell at work. Why was I playing with crazy lady? I had not even seen a picture of her YET.  I asked for a picture and she gave me her name to look up on Facebook. I typed her name in and saw a little-ass picture. I did not want to “friend” her so I just clicked the “X”. I didn’t want her to see all my pics and be up in my business. I was still thinking she was crazy. I couldn’t even enlarge  the profile picture, because I wasn’t a friend. I couldn’t see much, it kinda looked like a dot, but I knew I wasn’t missing out on anything special. I think she did end up texting a picture to me. I don’t even remember.

Then she started texting me like mad. I mean texts about meeting up, invites to shit, “she was out and was it okay for her to pick me up for lunch.” I never met her. She didn’t stop right away. Now, she liked me? What ever. I think I just wanted to prove that I was not a fake. I don’t like being called a liar.

Did I come on too strong by sending the pictures? I felt she was doing the most afterwards too. Or was she just a nut-job?


  1. LOL. What a funny story. You wanted to prove a point, and you got a nut-job in return. I hate people who send you to FB pages and they are in a group pic, or the pic is smaller than a dot! That’s the worst.
    I def. wouldn’t have given away my job number though, that’s a little too personal. But I understand that you wanted to prove your point.


  2. She sounds a little jaded. I think sending accurate picutures is a great idea. Find someone who is a little more receptive to your awesome. And someone who is just plain fun and easy going. 🙂


  3. Sounds as if she she was playing a game; some people do this just to see if they can attract someone and when they do, oh, shit, now they have to get rid of them because they never really intended to commit to something. I’m still kinda working on why this is but there are times when people will do this because they do wanna meet someone – but then play the game a different way, like you having to prove that you are who and what you say your are – this is a protection scheme. Once they’re satisfied about you, then from their point of view, it can be on… but not really considering that in this whole process, you’ve lost interest; you produced your “credentials” and what little you got back from them is deemed to be no longer worth the effort.


    1. I don’t know how long she thought that game was going to last. I am happy I sent the pics real quick, lets get this ball rolling lol. Imagine if I continued talking to her for months, just to find out she is bat-shit crazy?


  4. This is exactly what I was saying in my previous comment. People bring old stuff into new relationships. Apparently this sort of thing happened to her in the past and now she’s bring it forward.

    Lol, wow. She did sound crazy cussing you out. And if she doesn’t trust online dating then why is she doing it?


  5. Lol. I don’t think you came on too strong. U were putting yourself out there; unfortunately the girl didn’t know how to receive it. That also could have been a ploy to get your number. Some folks are very crafty lol. I’m always nervous with sending pictures be careful its a lot of looney tunes running around here. Your stories crack me up lol.


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