Obedient Wives…

I could not be one of these wives. I guess, I would just have to be the husband?

This kind of marriage would not work for me.

If I could be a polygamist, I would have to be the one with all the wives.

I am not going to be the second to anyone.

I can see how having a bunch of woman in one house could be helpful though.

Splitting housework and childcare is probably the only thing that works for these women.

I heard so much about the men’s desires and needs. What about the women?

A man would be the one to create this club, right?



  1. Very interesting, this kind of makes me miss TV. I don’t believe in polygamy, although it makes for interesting TV (Big Love) because it’s such a foreign and controversial concept to process. I guess their thoughts are that men can’t be trusted to stay married to one woman, so why not at least get to know the woman he’ll most likely cheat and bring her into the union legally. At least she can take care of the laundry loads and making baby bottles if she’s gonna have wild and crazy Islamic sex with your husband? I’m being facetious but really, I also don’t doubt the idea of submission and how important it is to marriages, but there’s a limit to that, and that limit is any type of form of abuse.
    Thanks for sharing the vid.


      1. Still thinking that this is just a “man thing” to do, huh? Women do the polygamy thing as well – you just don’t ever hear about it; in fact, National Geographic has a show called “Taboo” that speaks to this – I don’t remember when it’s coming on – check your local listings.

        An amazing mindset people have about this… just simply amazing.


  2. I don’t like the abuse either. I think situations where men have so much power, abuse is going to happen. It is the norm to beat your woman in some cultures, to keep her in line. Yes, I know that it is their culture. But, I do not think that should be acceptable. Everyone should be free to live without being exposed to violence.

    I know our culture is much different. I get everyone does their own thing. But, my opinion is…it is downgrading women.


    1. Culture shock is a bitch to deal with. We see things that are unacceptable here; to our standards, these men are just flat-out greedy and abusive because we’re unable to look at their system in the same way they do. Those women may very well feel and believe they’re being abused but unless they can get away from that aspect of their culture, they’re stuck with it. They want to escape – but how? Where? Even for them, it’s about survival because a lot of these cultures do suppress women to the point where they can’t get out there and survive on their own – they need that asshole man for that.

      It’s not right but it is what it is… until it can be changed wholesale.


      1. That’s true. We could use the allegory of the cave to analyze this situation. The one that got out of the cave and experienced that there was something MORE than what he knew – the confines of the cave and wanted the others to come out and experience what he had experience, but the others were scared because they would be leaving what they KNOW and venturing into somewhere they have no clue about.

        Most Americans don’t know anything other than equal rights and from that perspective, it is difficult to understand why someone would want to be submissive. Similarly, most Muslim women knows nothing different from being submissive to their husband. So Americans would see the Muslims as the ones in the cave and vice versa. What we have here is a clash of cultures 🙂

        But I really agree with you though kdaddy. This submissive thing can be used as a form of control. After years of this treatment. There’s no way they can survive on their own.


  3. Well as kdaddy said, it’s really easy to criticize a culture that is different from your own. In American eyes, this sort of behavior is abhorrent, but that’s their culture. The only thing I would object to is the slapping part. One of the women said that its OK if her husband slaps her (even though he knows he shouldn’t). When a woman is “obedient”, then men are allowed to get away with certain things, like abuse. Different strokes for different folks. Nice video 🙂


  4. This is obviously based upon desires of men because if it was based on numbers women would have multiple husbands. Since there are more women in the world than men.

    Personally I think it would be really tiring having two wives. Lol


    1. It is tiring and more of a pain in the ass… but you’re wrong – didn’t have anything to do with our desires it’s just what we’re made to believe and to not see the real reason behind the behavior in men and women in this. Lemme know if you figure this on out – you might be surprised when you do.


  5. Easy to be against such a thing when you’re not born into cultures that believe in this, huh? I have traveled the world in my time and the things I’ve heard about American women would shock you, like y’all being spoiled brats who know nothing about taking care of a man – this is no joke (although they think it’s pretty funny).

    Indeed, a lot of the angst against our country comes from people – and mostly women – who want to be Americanized: They want to be like you and have the right to choose about their participation in such cultural mandates. That these women would forsake their culture and heritage for our “model” is enough for them to want to kill us.

    I’ll even wager a small amount that you don’t even know why this practice exists or that this is the way people lived – until morality was created and decreed one man, one woman. And no; men didn’t create this – women did but you’d have to read up on the beginnings of human sexuality to see this.

    What you do know is that you could never conceive or imagine such a thing and mostly because the situation wouldn’t be about YOU alone. I do so get a kick out of women pitching a bitch about this…


    1. Almost forgot; there are matriarchial cultures where the women collect husbands like they’re stamps – but you don’t hear about those because everyone’s so outraged about men having many wives…


      1. I would be all for the women collecting husbands LOL. About time women benefit from having many spouses.I would like to read up a bit more on that culture.

        In reality, I just don’t think a spouse needs to be obedient to their wife/husband. I think things should a lot more equal. To me it makes people feel like property, instead of a loved one.


      1. That’s because you can’t see the truth behind it all; you think it’s one-sided and it really isn’t. The “mistake” we make in such things is that we can’t step away from that which we believe in order to see what can be done; our culture is all about what shouldn’t be done.


  6. That’s what you would think right?? that the club was created by a man, well it is fully created by women, and in their minds they are here to serve their men and their men only, it is never about their needs, it is all about the men’s sexual desires, all about making sure the man is happy at all times, making sure that you do whatever he wants whenever he wants without any questions. I could never do what these awful women are trying to make other women do..


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