Someone is getting older….

…it is my oldest Honey.

I need some help deciding what to do for my daughter’s birthday; she is turning five. I took the day off from work, I ordered her cake, and I bought presents.

I just don’t know what to do on the actual day? Any ideas?

My thoughts? I planned on letting her wear a pretty new outfit to school. She wears a uniform everyday, and I know she will feel really special. She doesn’t like the uniform. She complained about wearing the same thing everyday. I love uniforms; It makes my life so much easier. Again, I love things that make my life easier. My youngest goes to daycare, she doesn’t have to wear her uniform on Fridays. Guess what? She still does. If my other daughter has to wear hers on Friday, we will keep everything in sync.

I plan on picking her up early on her birthday; I want her to take her attendance. I know she will feel like a princess. Then, what? I am thinking lunch.

Anyway, my soon-to-be five-year old, is very girly. Think “High Femme” lol. She loves pink, frills, anything and everything girly. I try to curb that madness. It is nice to be girly, but she would go crazy if you let her.

I ordered a Princess and the Frog cake, this fits right into her personality. I engage just enough, but nowhere near too much. I don’t want to raise a girl who will  base everything on being pretty. That isn’t realistic. The clothes will never make the person. So, I go against that whole super-duper girly thing most of the time.

She would wear sandals and skirts all year round. It could be winter. Just because it is cute, doesn’t mean it is better. I’d rather put on an ugly warm piece of clothing, than a pretty un-warm piece of clothing. My daughter? She would be willing to freeze.

She is dying to have her nails painted and her toes too. I have not done so. I just don’t want her thinking about freaking nails, when she should concentrating on learning in school. I could see her now, she would be staring at her fingers all day and doing ridiculousness for people to notice them too. Nah, I will pass. I know my child.

Damn, I really go off topic, huh? Hush. LOL @ hush. In my family we were told to hush for many things. If you hit your toe and complained, you would get a “let me see? It is okay, hush.” LOL. So, now I make a joke of it. I say hush for all sorts of things. If I know I am about to hurt your feelings, I finish my sentence, and then I say “hush.” The hush is added to let you know that I know how you feel. “Oh, I talked your head off? Hush.” Teehee.

Anyway, yall make me talk too much. See how I shifted the blame?

What should I do for my daughter’s birthday?


  1. Honestly I don’t think it matters what you and your daughter do. What will be important to her and what she will remember is that you spent time with her. And as you said picking her up early will make her feel special.

    I wish you and your daughter a great day!


  2. I know you said no on the nails, but what about maybe toenails? Covered up at school and on show at home? Or maybe Friday night do her nails and then have her take it off on Sunday? If there is like a movie out that she wants to see (i have no clue if there are any good kids movies out) Or maybe go to lunch, go home, and have her room decorated or maybe the lving room semi decorated like a fort that you can call a castle? And go in there and watch a princess movie together? Like on the entrance to the castle fort it can say he name in glitter on a poster board? I know this would be a lot of work for you, but maybe worth it. Those are all the ideas I have. If you did do the nail polish it could just be light sparkle.


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