Lets get NAKED…

No, not like that folks.

I want to start a new segment called “Lets get NAKED.” Here is my idea: I would like to choose a question and answer it in a post. This is supposed to be more personal topics; things about me. I would like others to answer the same question on their blog. We can link back to where ever we found the question. So, if I answer a question and you would like to take part, you answer the same question and then link back to my blog. We will just keep it going, uh-kay?

I want everyone to make-up questions as we go along. I think it will be a great way to get personal with our readers. I am hoping it can catch on — kinda like my version of Sunday Stealing. It won’t be a bunch of random questions though. It will be just one, and we answer a bit more deeply.

We can also send questions to each other as well. Once you answer it on your blog, other people are free to answer the same question. So, if you ever wanted to ask me a question, now is the time. Check out my Les Brooklynite page for my email addy.

I know I am long-winded, so I hope you guys get what I am saying. I am going to start it out and I would love it if others jumped right in.

I am going to think of something pertaining to myself and get to bloggin’!

Talk to me!

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