Crazy-Ass Physicians…

I was on my Facebook this morning and I read something that was just crazy.

Someone wrote on their wall of a recent visit to a hospital. I guess she was sick and the doctor asked if anyone else around her was sick as well. She said “no.”  The doctor asked who was the woman was sitting with her — they told him her girlfriend. Then he asked if she was homosexual — she said “yes.” The next question was obviously “Do you have AIDS?” What? Who says that!?!!?!?!?!?!?

I told her she needed to report him, because that shit was way out of line. He should not be working with people. Does he assume all homosexuals have the virus? That is so out of control to me.

My Doctor said something that was a bit ridiculous too.

I asked my primary physician for an AIDS test. I normally get it done with my GYN, but their hours weren’t convenient at the time. Plus, my primary was within walking distance of my apartment. The doctor asked me “why I wanted to have that test” done. HUH? She was really prying in my business. She said I am healthy, so why would I need to have the test done. And how people didn’t normally just come in and ask for an AIDS test. Yea, well I did.

She was getting on my last nerve. She goes on to say “people didn’t usually ask for the test unless they were sleeping with someone new or didn’t trust their mate” and a whole bunch of other “reasons.” Really, does it matter? Should it matter? She is my doctor and all I am asking her ass to do, was take some of my freaking blood.

So, I was just looking at her crazy. I really couldn’t believe she was going on and on. Then she says “Well, based on what I just told you, why do you think you need a test?” I told her “I am seeing someone new and I get tested every 6 months.” I also added the thing about my GYN having inconvenient hours as well. Then she says “Do you think he is doing something to put himself at risk.” How the fuck would I know what “He” was doing? If I was seeing someone new, they probably wouldn’t tell me if they were doing risky/shady shit. So, that is why asking is cool, but a test is necessary. Then, I had to tell her that it wasn’t a he, it was a she. She wrote it down in her book.

Then she asked me what kind of work she did. Why did that matter? The whole experience was so freaking strange. After awhile, I had to tell her I  just wanted the test, so could she please give it to me, because I needed to go. She complied.

I think these physicians need some sensitivity training.


  1. Ya know, I hear what you’re saying… but if my doctor didn’t ask that question, I’d probably change doctors because, embarrassing or not, he should ask that question and more so since AIDS is spreading in the heterosexual population just as much as it is anywhere else because you don’t have to have sex with an affected person to contract the disease. My doctor likes to “sneak” the test onto my lab order even though he knows I can read those things just as well as he can – and I appreciate it – saves me the trouble of asking for it and if he doesn’t put in on there, well, I know how to check the box myself – I’ve done it before and I love the look he gets on his face to see a test result he didn’t order – but he’s been my doctor for a very long time now and, well, we know each other.


  2. I get tested every year too. Even though my partner has stayed the same, some life situations just make it so it is a good thing for me to do (not due to any reason between my husband and myself.. curve ball life threw me). My doctor when I ask only says “Have you changed partners this year?” to which I reply nope… the thing is you just never know. Plus they are making money off you getting the test, so why should they even really care?


  3. Wow! I would report your MD to the medical board. And the reason I would is because I can only imagine how many patients decide not to take the test after being questioned like that. This isn’t 1985 when only high risk people were tested. Now we are told that we should be tested even if we are not in a high risk category. Plus considering the high numbers of Black women infected with HIV no one should ever discourage or do anything to discourage us from being tested.

    Yep, I’d fire off a letter for sure!


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