Congo Soldiers explain why they rape…




  1. wooowww!! I mean, wooww!! I’m just speechless.. Like Sabina says, they should be castrated and then given to other people to rape them so that they know how it feels.. I just don’t understand how someone can expect us to believe that they raped because of a superstitious believe that they will win in combat.. It just infuriates me.. Thank you so much for sharing this.. please do check out my blog.


  2. I was going to listen to this… but I’m going to sleep (Kdaddy mentioned this link) and I think based on the comments I’d better not watch it until tomorrow so I can get it out of my head by the time I go to sleep.

    That bad huh? ugh…


      1. I’m still a little afraid to watch the thing. Because I have eat and based on these comments, I’d imagine I’d be too enraged by what I hear and see to even eat at all.

        My god. Those poor women.


  3. This just makes me want to cry. Like others have mentioned before me, most of them said that they would be upset/kill/angry if someone did what they are doing to a loved one. So there is a disconnect between their actions and what they would allow. Kind of the “do as I say, not as I do” mentality. Which leads me to believe that they know they are doing wrong, but because it is okay in the “group” in order to be apart of it they feel they must take part in it. While some truely believe it has magical powers, i also believe that some are doing it to be “one of the guys” and not to be blammed for “losing in battle” if they do not particiapte.


  4. OH FUCK! Where to start?? Magical fucking powers! Are you fucking kidding me…control yourself Amor.

    Okay. It’s really sad. These cave men soldiers doesn’t know any better. Why don’t they go and rape a tree? There are plenty of those in the jungle. Who knows, maybe they would get some gratification from it.

    Most of the animals men that were interviewed would not allow his sister or mother to be raped. Why? Being raped would be for the greater good of the Congo. Come on. Get with the program.


  5. Justifiable rape… I’ve gotten a lot closer to hearing it all now. As an American, I’m often bamboozled by what other cultures believe and in every culture that I know of, rape doesn’t fly. However, history is rife with this behavior when some kind of war is in progress; raping and pillaging goes way back to biblical times: To the victor goes the spoils and, sadly, if you were a woman, you were spoils.

    Their claims about magic notwithstanding, we find this behavior really heinous here at home because, to be blunt, there are plenty of women here that will give up the booty if you just smile at them so while we do have rapes here, it’s nothing compared to what’s going on elsewhere in the world. It’s just that men – and men at war – flat out believe that the pussy is theirs by divine right and, well, that’s what it’s there for and it’s to be taken by any means necessary; whether you agree to the sex or not, you’re gonna get taken and the lines to take you might be very long.

    While we can arrest rapists here and even get them treatment if they have some mental abberation going on with this, how to you arrest whole armies? These Congolese “units” are out there fighting, away from any real command and control; if there’s an officer in charge of, say, 100 men, how is that one man gonna stop them from raping any woman they see?

    It’s every woman’s nightmare to be raped by a man and this clip illustrates the act in the most insane way possible – it gives them magical powers. And because they believe this, no one will be able to stop it from happening unless whoever is in command of them decides to kill any man who rapes a woman – only then might they think twice about it because I know I wouldn’t want to be executed or otherwise killed for a piece of pussy…


  6. WOW! Now that video just left me speechless.

    I can’t believe they rape women to begin with, but for them to say it’s for an advantage in battle and done for magic power just leaves me shaking my head. I’m not one to shat on someone’s beliefs, but what they are doing is beyond wrong and out of control.

    I wasn’t surprised by the double standard…but I was completely blown away when one of the men said he would allow someone to continue raping his mother, sister or wife in his presence if they were doing it for the sake of the country. That sounds absolutely ludicrous to me!

    The number of women they raped is insane!


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