Men are….

…so dense, some of the time.

I really want to say almost all the time, but I don’t want to insult my male readers, teehee.

I know I told yall about some of my pick up lines. I haven’t actually used any of them yet though. I have good enough sense to know, I should think about these things.

Well, why don’t men have that same good sense? They say the stupidest shit and really wait for a response. They seem to want to see if it worked. A good indication of the line not working: the woman says NOTHING/WALKS AWAY/KEEPS walking.


Yesterday was a little nippy as I walked home from work. I started fixing my scarf a little tighter for warmth. This guy goes “I like scarves.” Obviously, I said nothing. So, I guess he thought of one better, “Can I have your scarf.” Okay, maybe it is me. But, isn’t that the dumbest shit ever? Who doesn’t like a damn scarf, especially when it is nippy? Why would you then beg me got my things? I saw him standing there when I came out of my building. So, I had no reason to look back or stop, because I already knew whe was talking to me. I kept walking.


I am walking down the street with my daughters and some guy comes up and says “You have a beautiful family. Your daughters are just as pretty as their mommy.” Nice right? Of course I speak this time, to say thank you. What kinda animal wouldn’t say thank you? Then he hits me with “All you need now is a boy, and I can give that to you. I have NOOOO problem giving that to you.” Lawd. Sir, please stop there, I want nothing that you have ever even touched.


I am again walking (don’t think I actually walk a lot) and I get the infamous “Why do you look so angry?” How do I look angry? Do I look like the damn Grim Reaper or something? I am walking by myself and looking where I am going. What else should I be doing? Should I be doing a jig? Should I talk to myself? Should I walk around smiling or laughing for no reason? Or maybe, I should have just smiled when I saw him? I am not sure, but that shit is so dumb to me.

What are some lines that have been used on you?

I can’t be the only one who thinks this way.

Lets chit chat!


  1. Obviously, I’m a guy and I’d NEVER say some lame shit like that to a woman! We have a bad enough rep as it is! Pick up lines… wow. Now, the question is, if a guy uses a dumb one on you and it works, um, how dumb was it?


    1. That one never ceases to amaze me. What would give you the idea to touch someone? Especially, if you have no idea they are remotely interested?

      I guy blew smoke in my fast one time, because he liked me. I was walking and he blew the cigarette smoke right into my face. I was so pissed. When I got mad, he told he did it because he liked me. I wonder what he would have done if he didn’t like me? Burn me with it?


  2. The shit that kills me is when a guy tells me that he is the man who can “bring me back to the other side”…and he would be “the best man I ever had” first thought is…if ur so great..why the hell are u second thought usually goes something like this…we dress alike…and at first glance i can be mistaken as a guy..u are obviously attractedto something like a pretty boy


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