Men are….

…so dense, some of the time.

I really want to say almost all the time, but I don’t want to insult my male readers, teehee.

I know I told yall about some of mycorny pick up lines. I haven’t actually used any of them yet though. I have good enough sense to know, I should think about these things.

Well, why don’t men have that same good sense? They say the stupidest shit and really wait for a response. They seem to want to see if it worked. A good indication of the line not working: the woman says NOTHING/WALKS AWAY/KEEPS walking.


Yesterday was a little nippy as I walked home from work. I started fixing my scarf a little tighter for warmth. This guy goes “I like scarves.” Obviously, I said nothing. So, I guess he thought of one better, “Can I have your scarf.” Okay, maybe it is me. But, isn’t that the dumbest shit ever? Who doesn’t like a damn scarf, especially when it is nippy? Why would you then beg me for my things? I saw him standing there when I came out of my building. So, I had no reason to look back or stop, because I already knew who was talking to me. I kept walking.


I am walking down the street with my daughters and some guy comes up and says “You have a beautiful family. Your daughters are just as pretty as their mommy.” Nice right? Of course I speak this time…to say thank you. What kinda animal wouldn’t say thank you? Then he hits me with “All you need now is a boy, and I can give that to you. I have NOOOO problem giving that to you.” Lawd. Sir, please stop there, I want nothing that you have ever touched.


I am again walking (don’t think I actually walk a lot) and I get the infamous “Why do you look so angry?” How do I look angry? Do I look like the damn Grim Reaper or something? I am walking by myself and looking where I am going. What else should I be doing? Should I be doing a jig? Should I talk to myself? Should I walk around smiling or laughing for no reason? Or maybe, I should have just smiled when I saw him? I am not sure, but that shit is so dumb to me.

What are some lines that have been used on you?

I can’t be the only one.

Lets chit chat!


  1. The shit that kills me is when a guy tells me that he is the man who can “bring me back to the other side”…and he would be “the best man I ever had” first thought is…if ur so great..why the hell are u second thought usually goes something like this…we dress alike…and at first glance i can be mistaken as a guy..u are obviously attractedto something like a pretty boy


    1. That one never ceases to amaze me. What would give you the idea to touch someone? Especially, if you have no idea they are remotely interested?

      I guy blew smoke in my fast one time, because he liked me. I was walking and he blew the cigarette smoke right into my face. I was so pissed. When I got mad, he told he did it because he liked me. I wonder what he would have done if he didn’t like me? Burn me with it?


  2. Obviously, I’m a guy and I’d NEVER say some lame shit like that to a woman! We have a bad enough rep as it is! Pick up lines… wow. Now, the question is, if a guy uses a dumb one on you and it works, um, how dumb was it?


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