Bus Drivers…

As you all may already know, I don’t like taking the bus. Public transportation really isn’t my friend. I really don’t have a choice, so my bus rides will continue.

Bus drivers kill me when are still at the bus stop, but refuse to open the door. Why? It is the worst when you are in a rush. The bus driver did that to me the other day. He just closed the door when I walked up. I did a “wave” thing for him to open the door and he shook his head “NO” to me.

I had to wait 20 minutes for another bus. If you are in NY, you know how long that feels. Are the bus drivers everywhere such a-holes? I should say that…some drivers are really nice. But, some act like they have somewhere else to be. I assume they will be driving that same route for the next 8 hours. So, they should let me on!



  1. Yeah, some of them do tend to get pissy! I do kinda understand it – I used to drive a cab and some days, whew, talk about having a bad hair day? If the people I picked up weren’t jerks, traffic is a bitch, which’ll put you in a bad mood in a hurry.

    Then try driving for 8-10 hours, having to depend on the kindness of others when you gotta go the the bathroom, your lunch time is usually spent sitting behind the wheel or if not, it goes by so fast it isn’t funny.

    Despite knowing this, I will still report a driver for bad and unprofessional behavior.


  2. I think sometimes they are not allowed to pick people up when they have already inched off the curb (I don’t know by how MANY inches)… Sometimes you also gotta respect that they are on a schedule, but really, this is the worst feeling when it’s cold outside or snowing…


  3. Some of the bus stops here are for multiple bus lines. So if a bus stops at one of these stops and another bus which is a different number bus comes sometimes they won’t even stop. So there you are waiting for the bus and it goes right by!


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