Sunday Stealing

I think I like this Sunday Stealing.

Cheers to all of us thieves!

1. Do you believe in Heaven? It is a nice thought — I say I do. But, I think I am leaning towards once your dead — your dead. I kinda think a spirit still remains.

2. Have you ever come close to dying? Nah, not so much. Thank GOD.

3. What jewelry do you wear 24/7? Nothing. I wear earrings daily, but I take them off at night. I used to wear an anklet for maybe 10 years 24/7, but it popped, so I pawned it. I felt was like it meant something when it broke. I wanted to get rid of it and start over.  

4. Would you ever consider having plastic surgery? I don’t think I would ever actually do it.  Even if I could actually afford to do so. Did you guys see how Kanye West’s mother died from that liposuction? If she remained middle class, she may still be alive today. I think some things should be left as a “want.”

5. What do you wear to bed? T-shirt or something light. I don’t like sleeping in a lot of clothes. 

6. Have you ever done anything illegal? Sure and I will remain silent.

7. Who was the last person that you touched? I really don’t go around touching people. I would say my daughter when I dropped her off this morning. Let me tell yall how the freaking day care lady was late! She made me late for work! That is some unprofessional shit! Getting there at 7:30 and the place opens @ 7am! SMH 

8. Where did you eat last? In my house. I had boiled eggs for breakfast.

9. Besides your own blog, are there any that you routinely read but never comment on? Nope, I comment. Well, sometimes I don’t comment because I am reading it on my phone and the screen is too small. But, I like quite a few blogs. 

10. Ever been involved with the police? Yes, they have fukked with the kidd. 

11. Do you talk in your sleep? Nah, no talking. 

12. Now a celebrity fantasy. Who would you take on a ménage à trois for a dirty weekend? I would definitely like a little sample of Beyonce lol and a nice hefty slice of Sanna Lathan. Oh wait, I could use a little Paula Patton in my life as well. One more! Tasha from the L word.

13. Do you feel that you’ve had a truly successful life? Success varies for everyone and I am still living this life of mine. I am alive, healthy and free of drama. I have beautiful healthy kids, job, and a roof over my head. The little things make me appreciate life. Although, I have not succeeded in getting rich, I wouldn’t leave out any of my successes. My real success in life will be to raise my children to become great adults. 

14. Where do you wish you were? I would like to be somewhere relaxing without a lot of people. A beach and sunset would be nice. Oh, and a nice breeze too. I love a nice breeze.

15. Have you ever ridden in an ambulance? Why do I think I have? I am not sure. I am going to say maybe, but it could just be something I saw on T.V.

16. Is there any type of dancing that you love to do? In the words of Ludacris on his song Go Low: “I may not wanna get low, so I’m posted up kinda like a playa do. But if you come to the crib, then I’ll might show you girls a thang or two.” LOL, I don’t really do dances.

17. Last gift you received? I really don’t know. Damn, I need some gifts. I wonder if anyone is going to put me on their xmas list. Hmm. 

18. Last sport you played? I don’t play sports.

19. Last place you went on holiday? Well, for Turkey day I spent it @ my sister and her girlfriend’s house with a bunch of my siblings and step-mom. It was really nice. Family time is important. We shouldn’t need a holiday;I say the same thing yearly.

20. Current Song? I have been listening to Adele a lot. That girl has a voice, doesn’t she? I want her to sing in my room. She can just sit on the window sill and sing me songs.

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