Queer Girl

I was talking to my Ace Boon Coon the other day–lets call her “Ace.”  She met a cute femme the other day and was pretty excited about what “could be.” As they talked more and more the girl said she was “queer.” Sounded good to me.  Then she added “But, I sleep mostly with men.” Sounded not-so-good anymore. I did love that she was honest.

“Ace” said she wasn’t really interested anymore. I think what she said was “her boner went limp,” or something to that effect. Was it because she leaned more towards men? Was it because she used the term queer but wasn’t a lesbian? You do not have to be a lesbian to be queer though. We still have to finish the conversation.

I am not doubting that she was queer, but do you think she just didn’t want to say bi?


  1. Yea I feel like she was trying to mask her bisexuality..tried to get her foot in the door first and then drop the bi-bomb..as soon as I hear the label bisexual my mind starts racing..thinking about all of the drama and confusion that often comes along with that package..but I feel like if they tell me from the beginning that they are bi..i will respect them a lot more for being honest and allowing me the option to choose whether or not I want to deal with them


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