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Are people obligated to have sex any time their spouse wants it?


  1. the short answer? of course not!

    the long answer? should a spouse be obligated to like the same food, clothes, movie? if i wanted someone exactly like me i’d pay to have a clone made…
    saying that i think part of sex IS about pleasing your partner in ways that may not be your first choice and at times when you might think (momentarily) that you’d rather be doing something else…
    sex can be very special when your own pleasure is secondary to that of your spouse, me thinks?


  2. Umm, to a certain extent yes. I think it is a loving thing to do even if you are not in the mood. I also think that if the couple has been having sex several days in a row….then the person who does not feel in the mood that night should say, hey I am just tired or whatever. It depends on the relationship. So yes and now. HAHA. More confusing than ever right?


  3. First answer NO! Having been with someone (a man, about 12 years ago) who felt it was his right to have it and take it whenever he felt like it (considering I’m gay, i rarely felt like it, it became a battle ground) my immediate answer has to be no.

    But then moving on, thinking about loving giving relationships – i guess it wavers a little. If you don’t feel like it but your partner does, isn’t it nice to make that effort to please your partner – sure, if you get started you’re going to get in to it aren’t you!?

    But no, it should never be demanded.


  4. I would say yes…only because I have found ways to do little things with my partners that doesnt require them to do much of anything..hell if she has a nice plump booty she doesnt have to do anything but lay on her side and well anyway ..the details arent important…if its the othr way around..i aim to please..if I cant please her right then and there because im mad tired..then I will go to sleep and wake her up in the middle of the night and handle it…if either of us is sick then I say no


    1. I think that sex should not feel like ad obligation. Once it gets to the point where it is such a huge issue — there are lots of problems. I like to have sex and I would not like to be turned down. I can understand tired though. I do not think it is an obligation — but I would even if I weren’t in the mood. But, only if I enjoy having sex with you to begin with. I may not have be in the mood to begin with — but once we get going I know I will be. I think when people believe, “if I want it, I get it now” they would be assed out with me. I don’t like being told what to do. If people have that attitude about sex, I think they have control issues and it isn’t really about the sex to begin with.


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