What kind of person are you?

I have random thoughts…

Some people are selfish by nature. Some are giving by nature. Some learn to be less selfish and some learn to be less giving.

This doesn’t just mean material things. Actually, I am not even referring to things at all.

This could be more giving or less giving of yourself. This could also mean more caring or less caring. This could mean being genuinely compassionate towards others or having a difficult time feeling compassion for others.

What type are you and how do you think others view you?

Would you change these things about yourself?


  1. I am both… I can be selfish but at the same time I am very given. I am very selfish with my belongings that I cherish and at times food. But then I will give my coat to someone or stop and give food that I have just bought.. It really depends on the day.


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