My daughter’s school just called to say she was sick. She threw up all over herself — as soon as she arrived. School starts at 8 and they called at 8:25am. *sigh*

This would happen after I wasted my day off yesterday, right? Well, it wasn’t a waste — but, geez.

This is why I usually try to be sensible about taking my days or over-spending. As soon as I decide to “splurge” on a little something for myself — something is going to “come up.” That something would be probably something for the kids. Generally? I don’t have many “Pop-Ups.”

This isn’t the first time; I have taken a day off in the past, then one of my kids get sick in the same week. I would much rather spread things out, ya know?

I have reports that are due every Tuesday before noon. I didn’t just run out without doing them first; I would feel bad. Really, I am trying to keep myself off of the radar. If those reports aren’t received, I could land on the radar. That is not where I need to be.

So, I called the school to make sure they changed her clothes and she was doing “okay.” They put on her change of clothes and she is in the nurse’s office. The nurse said she was doing better. I talked to her and she sounds okay. She said her tummy did hurt. I gave her eggs this morning and I think that was the culprit. She said she wanted me to pick her up. What can I say? I am going. The only reason I am still here is because this dumb-ass was supposed to leave some info for my report. I called and he is sending it now. So, I have done everything I planned to do before leaving. I am just waiting for that one more thing and I am dashing out of here.

She will be fine. I am going to pick her up and spend a relaxing day with her. We will just enjoy each other’s company. This will possibly count as one of my sick/personal days. Oh well. What can I do?

I can’t complain.

This is life – my life.


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