High Femme

I was having a conversation with my sister recently and we came upon the term “High Femme.”

According to the definitions, a High Femme is:

1. A queer person (usually in reference to the women) who revels in extreme expressions and/or parodies of femininity.

2. High femmes are femmes who intentionally and consistently embrace and express femininity past the point that most straight women do.

Okay, so does it mean just the way they look? Can it also mean how they act/behave? If you are just extremely feminine in appearance does that automatically mean you are a High Femme? What if you are “just a regular femme”  that is high maintenance by nature, and/or ridiculously high maintenance in a relationship, could  that be considered high femme?
What do you think?
Is it only about appearance?

What is a “high femme” to you?


  1. Sounds pretty weird to me I swear they are always coming up with new labels for those of us who call ourselves femmes. I am personally already categorized as what they call an aggressive femme. But I love heels dresses skirts and most of all make up!! I always have to have at least eyeliner or lashes on. Am I a High femme too…geez I dont even know what to call my “self”…….lol


  2. I consider high femme to be a very high maintenance lady, probably dresses in high end designer apparel and has a similar disposition for premium furniture, alcohol and entertainment. You’ll want to have a steady job and a nice fat salary to please her.

    Thanks for following my blog, by the way!


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